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Three Commercial Window Tinting Myths and Why You Should Care

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Unless this is the first article you’ve come across in your research into commercial window tinting, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not as limited, or as straightforward, as it used to be in the 1980s and 90s. Over the years, the advancements in technology have significantly multiplied the amount of options you have available.

Think of how much has changed in the phone and computer industries. Commercial window film has advanced almost as much.

If you hadn’t heard of new technology like smartphones, you’d have a hard time running a modern business. Similarly, if you haven’t heard of the hottest, newest window film technologies, you’re missing out on incredible business benefits.

Curious to explore the different ways commercial window film can lower your company’s costs and create a more efficient workplace? NGS has got you covered with myth-busting facts that’ll help you make the best possible investment for your company.

Get the Facts on Window Tinting Myths

There are a lot of outdated misconceptions about commercial window film, and many business leaders misunderstand what window film can and can’t do. This isn’t surprising considering the amount of vague and often misleading articles on the subject.

To get you up to speed, here’s a list of the three most pervasive myths, along with an explanation of the facts.


Commercial window film and commercial window tinting are the same thing, and therefore will automatically dull or hinder any impressive views.


Tinting is only one of the many types of window film currently available. Plus, with modern technology, you can get the benefits of tinting without changing the impressive nature of the views from your offices.

Why This Matters

With the availability of cutting-edge products like 3M Dual Reflective and 3M Daylight Redirection films, you can get benefits including lowered energy costs and reduced glare without tainting the clarity of your views in any way. In fact, 3M Dual Reflective film is designed to provide these benefits as well as increase visibility by reducing interior reflection.


The cost of installing window film for a large company with multiple buildings, each with numerous floors, would never balance out as a good business investment.


Commercial window film typically costs only a fraction of the price of its alternative solutions. A top-quality window film installation company like NGS will help walk you through the installation process and use building/ energy modeling to give you a realistic view of all your options and savings before investing money on the installation.

Plus, with the experts at NGS working to find available rebates or subsidies to help offset your installation costs, window film typically makes an extremely efficient business investment with a solid ROI.

Why This Matters

Through the use of historical energy consumption data, visual building modeling, thermal imaging, and ambient air temperature data, NGS can work with you to develop the most effective solution for your company.

Your best solution may have different types of window film on different sides of the building or even on different floors. Perhaps the most effective approach would be installing film on only a single section or one side of your building, thereby reducing expected costs by 75% or more automatically.

Whatever installation solution is most effective for the future of your business, NGS will find it and get you covered.


Commercial window tinting or film installation is a long, time-consuming project that will undoubtedly disrupt business.


NGS understands how important your daily business operations are to the success of your company. That’s why their services include working around your company’s schedule, assuring minimal interruption.

Why This Matters

Business interruptions lead to lost productivity and, ultimately, lost profits. These losses would directly subtract from the efficiency advantages being sought out through window film to begin with. With NGS willing to complete all the work after business hours, all the productivity, profits, and efficiency benefits driving the project remain intact, without business sacrifice.

Find Out How Advanced Window Film Solutions Can Help Your Company

When it comes to window film, there are many great options available from a variety of vendors, including 3M. Window tint, or rather, window film, has expanded its versatility and usefulness as technology has advanced. The options mentioned here are only a few of the options available through NGS.

As the #1 commercial window film company in the United States, NGS has the knowledge, experience, expertise, and cutting-edge technology to help you find the most efficient solution from today’s best-of-breed, market-leading film vendors.

Contact NGS to see for yourself all the ways the new advanced technology of commercial window tinting/ film can help your future business.

Plotted Blue Translucent Film

Do You Have All the Facts on Privacy Window Film for Your Business?

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What do you imagine when you think of privacy window film? Perhaps a generic window tint? Unwelcoming, blacked-out, or darkened windows creating an isolated space? If so, we encourage you to imagine your workspace privacy in a whole new way and start seeing the unlimited potential of your space.

When it comes to privacy film, there’s a lot more to it than you might think. With the right unique film, businesses can take advantage of so much more than just privacy because the right film will also offer incredible opportunity.

Far Better than Simple Privacy

Different people imagine different things when thinking of privacy window film because there truly is so much room for possibility and customization. This film can be as simple and basic as a dark film for tint, or it can be as spectacular as a one-of-a-kind, colorful, decorative film mural. The only limitation is imagination.

If you have an open concept office that could use a little less openness for private meetings, or if you’re just sick and tired of looking at those ugly blinds in the conference room, a national window film tint company can help you choose the perfect solution for your specific office or workspace needs.

Here are some of the different and unique ways that privacy window film can be utilized in your business setting:

  • Decorative Film with a Privacy Purpose

Privacy film doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. The possible patterns, designs, and effects vary from the classic frosted window to a fully customized image that flows fluidly from the walls to the windows, combining privacy with class and style.

One of the most popular types of decorative film is 3M Fasara, which features innovative designs created by leading designers from around the world, helping you tailor the look and feel of your offices to your exact needs and wishes.

  • Branding Opportunities

Everyone knows the importance of effective branding. The problem is that most businesses don’t recognize all the branding opportunities and possibilities available to them. Privacy window film can be customized for your business to create innovative interior and exterior branding options, while still providing the privacy and atmosphere you desire.

Graphic branding films from 3M range from easy-peel promotional window graphics to long-term, warrantied brand graphics that transform your windows into effective messaging that lasts for years.

  • High-Tech Solutions

The new, cutting-edge, and incredibly useful options for business privacy might be the perfect solution you never knew existed. Though they’re not quite privacy films, today’s latest high-tech offerings can double as privacy films while serving other purposes as well.

Change your windows from clear to opaque at the touch of a button with smart glass, transform your ordinary window space into video projection screens, or make highly effective use of your space by installing erasable, reusable 3M Fasara whiteboard surfaces anywhere in your office, including on glass walls.

Your options and opportunities for privacy window film are much broader than you’ve imagined. We’ve listed just some of the possibilities your business can choose from, but there are many, many more. To ensure you get the best selection of window film or smart glass options, make sure you choose glass film professionals who can provide the proper level of expertise and service you need for your project.

As the #1 Commercial Window Film Company in the United States, NGS has years of in-depth knowledge to help you find the perfect film and graphics solution for your business. No matter what your privacy window film needs or goals are, NGS has got you covered.


Contact NGS to discover more about your privacy window film options or to schedule your consultation.