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Preventing Bird Strikes with Feather Friendly®

By February 15, 2024Window Film
A skyline view of a flock of birds flying past a commercial building.

Have you ever winced as you watched a bird fly straight into glass? This is an all-too-common occurrence, especially with low rise and large commercial buildings covered in glass. Today, architects, designers, and property owners are looking for ways to create more harmony between architecture and the natural environment, and one way to do that is through FeatherFriendly® Bird Collision Deterrent Markers to prevent bird strikes. Through this scientifically tested, cost-effective, long-lasting solution, we can prevent many collisions, lessening the impact of urban development on our feathered friends. 

The Problem of Bird Strikes

Many folks don’t realize just how significant the issue of bird strikes is. Every year, between 365-988 million birds collide with glass in the U.S. alone. Some of these birds may appear to be OK after crashing into windows and flying away, but later die from injuries they sustained

Birds can fly into windows for a variety of reasons related to their perception and behavior, including: 

  • Reflections: Windows with reflective finishes can cause birds to perceive the window as an extension of their environment, leading to confusion and collisions.
  • Transparency: Birds often collide with glass because they don’t recognize it as a solid barrier, especially if it is clean and completely transparent. 
  • Weather Conditions: Weather conditions such as fog, rain, or intense sunlight can make windows more challenging for birds to see, increasing the likelihood of collisions.

Because avian strikes are such a significant problem, we should all prioritize ways to combat them. Some locales have even instituted laws and regulations requiring bird-safe buildings.  

What Is Feather Friendly?

Feather Friendly® Bird Collision Detterent Markers are a specialized product designed to reduce bird collisions with glass. By applying the markers to the exterior surface of windows, you can alter the window’s appearance to birds so they are less likely to fly into them.

The markers achieve this objective by breaking up the otherwise purely reflective or transparent look of the glass with patterns that birds can recognize mid-flight. Feather Friendly® patterns consist of small dots or dashes arranged in different spacings and designs, and can also be customized.

FeatherFriendly film installed at Northwestern University in Illinois.

NGS installed FeatherFriendly window film to help prevent bird strikes at Northwestern University in Illinois.

The Benefits of Feather Friendly® to Prevent Bird Strikes 

Building owners should consider Feather Friendly Bird Collision Detterent Markers for the valuable benefits this product offers. In addition to its primary benefit of saving birds, it’s a non-obtrusive, simple, and long-lasting solution, making it a practical choice for architects and building owners.

Effective Bird Conservation

The primary goal of Feather Friendly is to contribute to bird conservation efforts by reducing the number of bird strikes. That’s a great goal, but how effective is this product at achieving it? One study found that these films reduced strikes by more than 95 percent! By making windows more visible to birds, these markers can prevent many unnecessary bird fatalities and injuries. 

Non-Intrusive Design

Feather Friendly is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, so you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. Plus, the dots or dashes that catch birds’ attention are spaced out, allowing plenty of transparency in between for an unobstructed view for anyone in your building. 

Easy and Cost-Effective Retrofit

An advantage of Feather Friendly® is that it’s relatively quick and simple to install. Rather than an intensive renovation or a total window replacement, you can achieve your goal of preventing bird strikes with minimal disruption to your operations. This simple retrofit also makes for a cost-effective solution. 


Feather Friendly isn’t just a quick fix—it’s designed to withstand weather conditions, ensuring long-term effectiveness in outdoor environments. In fact, most films will last 15 years or more. That’s a long time to provide valuable protection for birds and prevent countless collisions.

Do Your Part to Prevent Bird Strikes with Feather Friendly 

Our architecture doesn’t have to pose such a risk to wildlife. With Feather Friendlyto prevent bird strikes, you can do your part to create a more harmonious relationship between commercial buildings and the natural environment.

If you’re ready to implement this solution, trust NGS to manage the project from start to finish, ensuring excellent results. Want to learn more? Explore Feather Friendlysolutions from NGS!

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