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In the wide range of retail stores, one thing is always clear: no matter what you sell in your store, you want to entice customers in and keep the bad guys out. NGS Films and Graphics leads the industry in signage, graphics, and forced entry protection solutions, helping you increase revenue with more customers who stay longer – and helping you reduce smash and grab losses too.

You’re too busy to worry about the finding the best way to address smash and grabs, and you certainly don’t have time to research the latest solar films, graphics, or signage trends. Take care of your store’s efficiency, safety, and curb appeal the easy way with NGS Films and Graphics.

With NGS, you can rest assured that all your retail programs will be executed cost effectively and efficiently, all the time. Let our team do the heavy lifting, so you have time to focus on your brand.


Exterior and Interior


Walls, Floors, Windows


Heat Reduction, Glare Reduction, Fade Control


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Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, increase sales, or improve your store’s security, NGS Films and Graphics has every solution you need to clear a path of business straight to your door.

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