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How Indoor Business Signs Can Help Grow Your Business

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As the leader of a successful business, you’re already well aware of the many benefits that good outdoor signage can bring to your company. However, you may not be aware of the advantages of utilizing indoor business signs.

It doesn’t matter what field or industry you’re in; indoor business signage can offer great returns for all types of organizations across multiple industries.

Get ideas for your indoor signage project with today’s article.

How Do Various Industries Utilize Indoor Business Signs?

Also known as “graphic signs” (because they’re typically custom printed graphics that you stick on your interior walls, floors, doors, and ceilings), indoor business signs are an innovative approach businesses can use to communicate with clients, customers, and employees.

Below are just a few examples of how indoor business signs can benefit various industries. If you don’t see your industry on the list, you may be surprised by how versatile indoor business signage can be. Contact the signage experts at NGS to learn the latest, most creative, revenue-building ways that others in your industry are using graphic signs.

  • Hospitality

Today’s hotels face ever-increasing competition from online brokerages like Airbnb, and that means your path to growth lies in showcasing the amenities you offer that could never be matched by the limitations of an Airbnb host. However, you’ll want to ensure that your outstanding amenities are intrinsically linked to your brand.

Custom indoor business signage can help because it will reinforce your brand name and signature hotel aesthetic every time your guests look around your lobbies, hallways, elevators, rooms, and entertainment areas. With this constant reinforcement, your guests’ memories (and photos!) will reflect your brand at every turn – because your indoor business signage will also be there reflecting your brand at every turn.

  • Retail

All retail business leaders understand the concept and advantage of curb appeal, but only the savviest of retail managers and facilities planners know that, these days, curb appeal must extend well beyond the curb. Indoor business signage brings that same concept indoors.

If you’re counting on foot traffic, you expect your customers to stop at a few stores before and after they stop into your location. That means you’ll need to highlight your branding and direct customers toward prime areas in your store immediately when they walk in. Clear indoor graphic signs can help with that.

Planned and installed properly, eye-catching indoor signage can draw customers deeper into your store, enticing them to fully engage and interact with your brand and products. This also helps to increase the amount of time they spend at your location, thereby increasing purchasing likelihood.

  • Government

Government buildings typically house numerous departments, offices, and officials. Wayfinding through this labyrinth of corridors and doorways can be impossible without the proper business signage. Even an open office floorplan can be challenging to navigate without indoor signs, as the General Services Administration (GSA) discovered.

By utilizing the NGS team’s comprehensive consultation services and full product line of best-of-breed solutions, including 3M indoor graphics, you can help direct your employees and visitors around your government building with professionally designed, efficient, cost-effective indoor signs.

Best of all, NGS is a GSA contract holder licensed to provide both materials and installation services, which makes NGS the fastest, easiest procurement choice for your large or small government project. (GSA contract number: GS-07F-152CA.)

Make Indoor Business Signage Work for You

Indoor business signs, like all business tools, can be immensely beneficial and can lead to great growth. However, to take advantage of the full range of signage benefits, you’ll need to consult with professionals that can design the most efficient setup for your specific building and business.

But beware!

You don’t want to trust your new indoor signage project to any old Joe Shmoe who says they can install signs. The process of crafting and installing indoor signage takes experience and know-how – which means you’ll want to work with true professionals who have a successful history of indoor sign design and installation.


Learn more about your options for indoor business signs from NGS and see all the ways we can help make your business grow.

Printed Wall Mural with multiple planes

Surprising, Unexpected Benefits of Wall Wraps

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Wall wraps have been steadily improving throughout their multiple generations, but modern developments have made the latest generation more cutting-edge than you ever imagined. Check out these surprising wall wrap benefits that were never possible… until now.

But First, What’s a Wall Wrap?

Traditionally, a graphical wall decal, or “wall wrap,” has been used as an easily customizable solution to cover up unsightly, unattractive, or just plain ugly walls. These days, the high-tech advancements of wall wraps offer an expanded spectrum of options that cover up far more than just interior walls.

Modern wall wraps supply a wide range of possibility, including indoor/ outdoor resurfacing solutions; massive, eye-catching, full-color indoor/ outdoor graphics; and more.

Did you happen to see the brilliant marketing wall wraps used during Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta? Full-scale graphical marketing options like that simply weren’t possible a few years ago.

Experiencing the Unexpected Advantages of Wall Wraps

Even if you’re familiar with the latest advancements in custom wall wraps and these innovative solutions have been a part of your strategy for a while, you may still be unaware of the many unexpected benefits that wall wraps can offer.

Here are some of the more surprising ways that wall wraps can help the innovative companies that use them:

  • Expand Employee Engagement

In a recent study conducted by Capital One, 86% of millennials reported that “companies cannot encourage innovation unless their workplace and environment is innovative.” This study also revealed that Millennials place a high importance on artwork and creative imagery throughout the workplace, rating these specific aesthetics second only to natural light as their preferred space design element.

Studies like these have gained a lot of attention when it comes to increasing creativity and engagement in the workplace, and the lately increased options that full wall decals offer provide an obvious answer to solve the widespread problem of employee disengagement.

  • Increase Customer Interaction

Customer interaction is going to look different depending on your business and industry. A worldwide clothing retail business will require different types of interaction than a government agency. Luckily, in this area, wall wraps have an almost infinite number of possibilities.

The professionals at NGS can combine texture with customized designs and images to ensure you get the optimal levels of professionalism, interaction, and eye-catching brilliance at all your locations, so you can keep your customers excited and interested in your company and brand for years to come.

  • Set the Scene

A study conducted by the University of Texas concluded that workspaces that were gray, beige, and white induced sadness and depression in workers. Fortunately, custom wall wraps give you the ability to create the perfect setting in all situations, so you can keep your employees happy and focused on growing your company.

Here are three additional ways to set the scene:

  • Create a calming and soothing environment in an emergency room lobby or a dentist’s office with images from nature in soothing shades of blue and green.
  • Increase school spirit during playoff season by wrapping not only the gymnasium but the campus buildings and hallways as well.
  • Impress clients and partners with specialty wall wrap options for your meeting rooms using 3M DI-NOC whiteboard film and corporate branding packages.

Ensure You Benefit from Your Custom Wall Wraps

With all these benefits, plus the unexpected environmental advantages of 3M DI-NOC architectural film, you may find many situations in which wall wraps would be an excellent option for your purposes.

However, when choosing and installing your wraps, you’ll want to ensure you get all the benefits you deserve. To do this, make sure you hire a truly professional installation team that can boast a long record of success.

The professionals at NGS have a proven history of success installing wall wraps for some of the largest businesses across the country. Our experts have all the knowledge and experience you need to make your project a success – and we offer the best products on the market to help you transform absolutely any surface at your location.


Expect the success your company deserves. Contact NGS and see for yourself all the ways today’s advanced technology for wall wraps can enhance your business.

Films for Plastic Glazing

Three Commercial Window Tinting Myths and Why You Should Care

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Unless this is the first article you’ve come across in your research into commercial window tinting, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not as limited, or as straightforward, as it used to be in the 1980s and 90s. Over the years, the advancements in technology have significantly multiplied the amount of options you have available.

Think of how much has changed in the phone and computer industries. Commercial window film has advanced almost as much.

If you hadn’t heard of new technology like smartphones, you’d have a hard time running a modern business. Similarly, if you haven’t heard of the hottest, newest window film technologies, you’re missing out on incredible business benefits.

Curious to explore the different ways commercial window film can lower your company’s costs and create a more efficient workplace? NGS has got you covered with myth-busting facts that’ll help you make the best possible investment for your company.

Get the Facts on Window Tinting Myths

There are a lot of outdated misconceptions about commercial window film, and many business leaders misunderstand what window film can and can’t do. This isn’t surprising considering the amount of vague and often misleading articles on the subject.

To get you up to speed, here’s a list of the three most pervasive myths, along with an explanation of the facts.


Commercial window film and commercial window tinting are the same thing, and therefore will automatically dull or hinder any impressive views.


Tinting is only one of the many types of window film currently available. Plus, with modern technology, you can get the benefits of tinting without changing the impressive nature of the views from your offices.

Why This Matters

With the availability of cutting-edge products like 3M Dual Reflective and 3M Daylight Redirection films, you can get benefits including lowered energy costs and reduced glare without tainting the clarity of your views in any way. In fact, 3M Dual Reflective film is designed to provide these benefits as well as increase visibility by reducing interior reflection.


The cost of installing window film for a large company with multiple buildings, each with numerous floors, would never balance out as a good business investment.


Commercial window film typically costs only a fraction of the price of its alternative solutions. A top-quality window film installation company like NGS will help walk you through the installation process and use building/ energy modeling to give you a realistic view of all your options and savings before investing money on the installation.

Plus, with the experts at NGS working to find available rebates or subsidies to help offset your installation costs, window film typically makes an extremely efficient business investment with a solid ROI.

Why This Matters

Through the use of historical energy consumption data, visual building modeling, thermal imaging, and ambient air temperature data, NGS can work with you to develop the most effective solution for your company.

Your best solution may have different types of window film on different sides of the building or even on different floors. Perhaps the most effective approach would be installing film on only a single section or one side of your building, thereby reducing expected costs by 75% or more automatically.

Whatever installation solution is most effective for the future of your business, NGS will find it and get you covered.


Commercial window tinting or film installation is a long, time-consuming project that will undoubtedly disrupt business.


NGS understands how important your daily business operations are to the success of your company. That’s why their services include working around your company’s schedule, assuring minimal interruption.

Why This Matters

Business interruptions lead to lost productivity and, ultimately, lost profits. These losses would directly subtract from the efficiency advantages being sought out through window film to begin with. With NGS willing to complete all the work after business hours, all the productivity, profits, and efficiency benefits driving the project remain intact, without business sacrifice.

Find Out How Advanced Window Film Solutions Can Help Your Company

When it comes to window film, there are many great options available from a variety of vendors, including 3M. Window tint, or rather, window film, has expanded its versatility and usefulness as technology has advanced. The options mentioned here are only a few of the options available through NGS.

As the #1 commercial window film company in the United States, NGS has the knowledge, experience, expertise, and cutting-edge technology to help you find the most efficient solution from today’s best-of-breed, market-leading film vendors.

Contact NGS to see for yourself all the ways the new advanced technology of commercial window tinting/ film can help your future business.

5 Expert Considerations for Perfect Outdoor Business Signs

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Rolling out a new location? Getting your outdoor business signs looking great is critical to the success of your rollout, but fighting with landlords and city officials over precedents and permits can delay your signage project timelines.

There’s no reason you should have to settle for lower-quality signage with higher prices, just so you can meet your grand opening deadlines. Instead, trust your outdoor sign projects to the signage experts at NGS. When you leave your signage to us, we’ll make sure you get high-quality custom business signs you’ll love – and best of all, they’ll be delivered on time and on budget, every time.

Curious how we’ll choose the right sign for your needs? Here are 5 key areas we’ll consider to make sure your custom business sign project is a success.

An Expert’s Guide to Outdoor Business Signs

This is the general outline of the guidelines we follow when planning for your outdoor business signs. Please feel free to use the questions in this guide yourself or share it with your colleagues when planning for your next signage project.

  1. Does It Grab Attention?

Building wraps and full-color window graphics both do a great job of attracting attention from people passing by, and that’s important because a 2012 study by FedEx Office determined that 75% of people entered a store or referred a friend because they saw the store’s outdoor business signs. Another strong attention-grabbing setup is to use video projection film from 3M, which displays full-color videos that catch the eye of anyone nearby.

  1. Will It Attract Customers and Visitors?

Once people have noticed your store, it’s best to guide them right inside immediately. Colorful, branded indoor / outdoor floor graphic films, such as 3M Envision, are a great way to lead visitors in the right direction and can be used effectively with unique and interesting wayfinding outdoor signs to help everyone quickly and easily find their path to your doors.

  1. Can It Be Clearly and Easily Seen at All Times?

When it comes to outdoor business signs, the phrase “go big or go home” really applies. If you don’t “go big” on signage, your potential customers will end up going home. To ensure your outdoor business signs are visible, NGS uses 3D environment modeling to determine the best signage spots, and then we design, manufacture, and install the blade signs, channel lettering, or pylon and monument signs (or anything else!) that fit your needs best.

  1. Does It Send a Message of Quality?

When it comes to first impressions, quality matters for your outdoor business signs. According to a Sign Research Foundation study, 33% of customers walked into a store based on the quality of its outdoor signs, and another Sign Research Foundation study showed that 34% of people admitted to associating the quality of a store and its products with the quality of its signs. Luckily, quality can be communicated using premium materials like wood, specialty metals, or shiny acrylic, or with durable materials that look good for the life of your lease, like Sign•Foam or PVC.

  1. Is the Placement and Appearance of the Sign Legal?

Nothing stops a custom business sign project dead in its tracks like a permit delay or a landlord dispute. We wouldn’t be surprised if scientists someday discover a law of nature that kicks in when you’re running at top speed to meet your rollout deadlines – making city officials respond slower than snails, while landlords nitpick everything. NGS works with all these officials for you, tirelessly filling out city paperwork and investigating your building to establish precedent that quiets your landlord’s arguments.

Get Hassle-Free Help with Your Outdoor Business Signs – No Handholding Required

As a Facilities and Maintenance Manager for a large corporation, you don’t need us to tell you how much work it takes to rollout a new location, you’re busy making that happen right now! We truly understand how much work and attention your job takes, and we’re happy to step in and help.

As one of our satisfied customers stated:

“With NGS, you eliminate the headache. Sometimes I feel like vendors require so much handholding. With NGS, it’s set it and forget it. You know it’s going to be done right.”

In fact, we don’t just handle seamless installations, we can do all the work for you with our turnkey services. All you have to do is send over your brand guidelines and we’ll design, permit, manufacture, and install your signs for you.

Creating outdoor signs really can be that simple.

If you’re ready to get quality, on-time outdoor business signs without the hassle or headache, contact NGS to find out how we can help. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Super Bowl Calls for Super Graphics: 3 Ways Building Graphics Can Help Businesses Dominate Their Field

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Did you see the Super Bowl graphics this year? Businesses across Atlanta covered their building exteriors with colorful, fun, and massive graphics that welcomed football fans and teams to the city. Some of the most eye-catching designs showed up on the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel and, of course, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Impressive designs like these are called “building graphics,” and they can be used by any business to draw attention to anything, on a short-term or long-term basis. Best of all, they boast a low, upfront cost and little-to-no future maintenance requirements, so they’re a great choice for any time of year, not just during the Super Bowl.

But there’s a catch: If you’re ready to use building graphics effectively, you’ll want to work with a professional installation company that can think outside the typical bureaucratic box of options and help you come up with a unique, eye-catching design that truly stands out.

After all, with the right design and the right installation professionals, your graphics can provide a large range of business-building benefits. Let’s talk about just a few.

Building Graphics: The Flexible, Business-Building Investment

In commercial districts and urban centers, it can be hard to make your business stand out. If your building looks like many others in the area, you may struggle to attract attention from the drivers or pedestrians who pass by your building every day on their commute.

If you’re missing out on spontaneous business traffic, 3M building graphics can help. Not only are they brightly colored and attention-grabbing, they’re also extremely versatile and resilient. Best of all, expert installers can apply them to almost any surface, indoors or outdoors, which means you can use them anywhere.

Today’s companies are increasingly choosing to enhance their buildings with graphics, so they can:

  1. Strengthen company branding

Looking to build your corporate culture? Building graphics offer an innovative approach to corporate branding on your interiors and exteriors. Through the flexible application of window graphics, floor graphics, and architectural films, your company will have the ability to present a unified look and appearance inside and out because you can place your brand design on virtually any surface.

  1. Improve interaction

Floor graphics are a great way for all businesses to increase foot traffic and improve wayfinding inside a building, as well as draw attention to a featured product or area. Whether you’re running a corporate manufacturing plant, a hospital, or a chain of restaurants, wall and floor graphics can help you easily communicate with and direct your workers, clients, patients, or customers.

  1. Increase employee productivity

Though many companies are choosing to build teams by remodeling for open floor plans, hosting team-building retreats in the woods, and serving sushi in the cafeteria, those choices aren’t right for every company. There are many ways to reinvest in your organization and adding 3M building graphics to change the wall colors is a highly effective, yet relatively low-cost way to improve employee productivity, increase wayfinding, and boost corporate culture all at the same time.

Innovative Business Leaders Choose Innovative Solutions

Building graphics are a versatile option for businesses prepared to take advantage of growth opportunities – and when we say versatile, we mean it.

In fact, when it comes to investing in high-quality building graphics for your company, you’ll find that your possibilities are as vast and unlimited as your imagination. Any color, design, or message you can dream up, you can make it a reality with the right graphics. You can even choose from customizable textured surfaces!

If you’re ready to boost your business and explore all the possibilities that window graphics, floor graphics, and interior/exterior wall graphics can offer, the graphic installation experts at NGS will cover you every step of the way. Whether you need assistance coming up with a design, printing your large-scale graphic, or installing everything in a hurry (like, in time for the next Super Bowl!), NGS is always happy to help.


Contact the professionals at NGS and find out what else building graphics can do for your company and learn more about the graphic services available to your business.


Plotted Blue Translucent Film

Do You Have All the Facts on Privacy Window Film for Your Business?

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What do you imagine when you think of privacy window film? Perhaps a generic window tint? Unwelcoming, blacked-out, or darkened windows creating an isolated space? If so, we encourage you to imagine your workspace privacy in a whole new way and start seeing the unlimited potential of your space.

When it comes to privacy film, there’s a lot more to it than you might think. With the right unique film, businesses can take advantage of so much more than just privacy because the right film will also offer incredible opportunity.

Far Better than Simple Privacy

Different people imagine different things when thinking of privacy window film because there truly is so much room for possibility and customization. This film can be as simple and basic as a dark film for tint, or it can be as spectacular as a one-of-a-kind, colorful, decorative film mural. The only limitation is imagination.

If you have an open concept office that could use a little less openness for private meetings, or if you’re just sick and tired of looking at those ugly blinds in the conference room, a national window film tint company can help you choose the perfect solution for your specific office or workspace needs.

Here are some of the different and unique ways that privacy window film can be utilized in your business setting:

  • Decorative Film with a Privacy Purpose

Privacy film doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. The possible patterns, designs, and effects vary from the classic frosted window to a fully customized image that flows fluidly from the walls to the windows, combining privacy with class and style.

One of the most popular types of decorative film is 3M Fasara, which features innovative designs created by leading designers from around the world, helping you tailor the look and feel of your offices to your exact needs and wishes.

  • Branding Opportunities

Everyone knows the importance of effective branding. The problem is that most businesses don’t recognize all the branding opportunities and possibilities available to them. Privacy window film can be customized for your business to create innovative interior and exterior branding options, while still providing the privacy and atmosphere you desire.

Graphic branding films from 3M range from easy-peel promotional window graphics to long-term, warrantied brand graphics that transform your windows into effective messaging that lasts for years.

  • High-Tech Solutions

The new, cutting-edge, and incredibly useful options for business privacy might be the perfect solution you never knew existed. Though they’re not quite privacy films, today’s latest high-tech offerings can double as privacy films while serving other purposes as well.

Change your windows from clear to opaque at the touch of a button with smart glass, transform your ordinary window space into video projection screens, or make highly effective use of your space by installing erasable, reusable 3M Fasara whiteboard surfaces anywhere in your office, including on glass walls.

Your options and opportunities for privacy window film are much broader than you’ve imagined. We’ve listed just some of the possibilities your business can choose from, but there are many, many more. To ensure you get the best selection of window film or smart glass options, make sure you choose glass film professionals who can provide the proper level of expertise and service you need for your project.

As the #1 Commercial Window Film Company in the United States, NGS has years of in-depth knowledge to help you find the perfect film and graphics solution for your business. No matter what your privacy window film needs or goals are, NGS has got you covered.


Contact NGS to discover more about your privacy window film options or to schedule your consultation.


How to Choose the Right Business Sign Vendor for a Worry-Free Project

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If you’re looking to complete a new signage project, your #1 task will be to find experienced professionals with the background and expertise to do the job properly. You already know your business signs are critically important and you know that deadlines matter – you need a business sign vendor who understands these things too.

If you want to speak with a national signage expert about your options for fast, effortless, high-quality signage production and installation, contact NGS right now for a free consultation. Or you can read on to find out how you can ensure you get the best sign at the right time for your business needs.

Used to Headaches with Your Business Signs? You Deserve a Better Vendor.

You’ve been in business for a while now, so, if we had to guess, we’d be willing to take a gamble that this probably isn’t your first time dealing with signage. We’d also guess that you’re not too excited about the prospect of working with your old vendor again. We understand; we’ve been in the signage business a long time and we’ve heard all the stories. We’ve heard about business signs that were broken on arrival (cringe), misspelled signs (ouch), and signs that needed to be taken down because of permit issues (ugh).

All of these are dreadful problems, but the worst is when you’re forced to waste your own time navigating signage permits, solving landlord disputes, or handling the other business sign issues that your vendor should really be handling for you.

Don’t you think you deserve a vendor who handles everything for you?

With the right vendor, you can eliminate all of your signage headaches because the vendor will manage the entire project themselves, from end to end. It really can be as easy as sending over your specs and then enjoying the high-quality sign that gets installed at your location, right on time.

Work with NGS: The Business Sign Experts Who Handle Everything for You

With the signage experts at NGS, you’ll know that every aspect of your sign project is taken care of for you, worry-free. Here’s just a small sampling of what we handle:

  • Purpose

Determining the specific target function of each sign (foot traffic vs. road attention for example) is critical for choosing the right signage type, size, design, etc. that best fits your specific needs and goals.

  • Durability

We take into consideration the physical conditions your signs will be subjected to. Different materials should be considered if your signs need to survive Chicago or New York winters, as opposed to the summers of Phoenix, AZ.

  • Placement

You probably already know where you want your sign placed to ensure high visibility. (If you don’t, we’ll handle that too!) However, when it comes to the rules, restrictions, and ordinances of signage, you can trust that the NGS team will take care of all that for you.

  • Budget

With business signage, as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. You already know you don’t want the cheapest sign on the market, or the most expensive, but that middle ground can be tricky. The NGS team helps you balance price and quality, so you know you got the best deal for your specific needs.

Honestly, the key to an effortless business signage project on your end is to find the right signage vendor who can and will take care of everything for you. That’s right: everything.

Wondering where to find that full-service vendor? Good news: you already have. As a trusted, nationwide leader in signage projects, both large and small, NGS takes care of all your needs throughout the entire business sign process. From conception to completion, NGS has got you covered.

At this point, all you have left is to call us up and chat… and then, really, leave the rest to us. You’ve got better things to do than think about signage.

Contact NGS to learn more about your business sign options or to set up a consultation appointment.


Floor graphics

5 Ways Floor Graphics Can Help Your Business

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When it comes to signage and graphics, some companies haven’t yet realized how to take full advantage of all their options.

Many successful companies have already discovered the benefits of commercial graphics for their business. All these companies have different needs and therefore use their commercial graphics in different ways, mostly limited by their window and wall space. However, these organizations are still missing out on one of the most used and overlooked places on their property – the floor.

That’s right, the ground that everyone walks on (and also inspects carefully to ensure a clear path ahead) can be used as the answer to many of your messaging and advertising needs.

What fits perfectly on your floors? Floor graphics.

What Can Floor Graphics Do for You?

Regardless of your industry or field, every business investment comes down to one thing: What can it do for you?

Well, quite a lot, actually.

Much like other signage options, the benefits are really only limited by your company’s unique needs. What works for one company and solves multiple issues might be completely useless for another simply because it doesn’t apply.

However, there are always certain things that all businesses are in need of.

Here are 5 ways that floor graphics can help your business:

  1. Attention

Competing for the public’s attention isn’t as straightforward and easy as it used to be. With all the ways that people’s attention has been divided, successful businesses need to be creative in their approach. Floor decals are a great way to draw attention to and move foot traffic toward a new product or sale event.

  1. Directions

Every workplace has areas where floor graphics would be useful for directional purposes. It may be an area that you need to signal as high traffic, or it may be that you want to set up convenient directions to move your customers through your building. Using floor decals can help daily operations run more smoothly.

  1. Organization

Space is always in demand. How could things be different if you had more room to work with? One of the major benefits of floor decals is that they fit practically anywhere, and they don’t waste your valuable floor space like standing signs, posters, or displays do.

  1. Low Cost

Price is always an issue when it comes to a business transaction. You want to make sure you’re always getting a good ROI. With minimal upfront investment and lasting durability, floor graphics work out to be an easy, low-cost signage and marketing solution because they’re highly effective and meet a wide range of needs.

  1. Safety

Every workplace on the planet should strive for a safer work environment. The good thing is, most of them do. However, most of them don’t realize how much eye-catching floor decals could help their unique situations. Sending warnings, sectioning off areas, or keeping traffic areas clear are only a few of the safety applications of floor graphics in the modern workplace.

NGS’s innovative use and application of commercial graphics has been recognized by successful business leaders across the country as an effective and efficient way to accomplish a number of business objectives. How floor decals can help your business depends on the exact needs of your unique company.

If you’re ready to explore the possible new uses of your floor space, NGS has got you covered.


Find out more about all the ways that floor graphics can help your business when you contact the professionals at NGS.


Three Reasons You Need 3M Window Security Film

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Most people would never leave their home and family vulnerable or unprotected. Even the idea of such a thing is absolutely absurd. However, many businesses, schools, and commercial building managers leave their goods and locations unprotected, which is equally absurd.

Of course, there may be a reason for this. Perhaps businesses or schools leave their locations vulnerable because they believe that great security will cost too much or take too much time to install.

Those worries may have been valid in the past, but with today’s modern 3M window security film solutions, businesses, schools, and government properties can finally keep their locations, schedules, and budgets secure.

The Commercial Window Film Advantage

Commercial security window film is a convenient, easy-to-install, and affordable solution that keeps your building, people, and property safe from many of today’s unwanted intrusions by providing a dual protective layer to harden your glass and reduce its likelihood of shattering when hit with a blunt instrument like a rock, brick, or bat.

Therefore, the #1 thing that security film does is help stop a would-be intruder from gaining access into a building, whether that’s for smash-and-grab theft or an active shooter scenario, by delaying the “smash” part of the crime. Though the film won’t resist attack forever, it should block a would-be intruder’s access to your business/school and property long enough for the police to arrive on the scene.

In fact, security window film is so effective that the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’s (SHAC) final report recommended window film as an effective measure to mitigate an active shooter’s entry into a school.

However, commercial window film does a lot more than block crime. Here are three more reasons why you should invest in 3M window security film:

  1. Cost

Not only is window film an effective school security feature that’s fast and inexpensive to install, it also helps you avoid losses from burglary. Without window film, you’ll be responsible for any theft and physical damages that need fixing and businesses will experience loss of income from downtime. Plus, schools, businesses, and government buildings will also have to handle emergency, overnight guard services, which can add up while you’re waiting on glass replacement. Security film reduces costs by minimizing downtime as well as the need for emergency services.

  1. Safety

Glass can be very dangerous. Flying glass is always incredibly dangerous. Since the world and its inhabitants are unpredictable and you can never foresee the events that lead to flying bits of glass, you can trust in 3M window security film to mitigate the hazards of flying glass or glass spall brought about by natural or human causes in any type of building.

  1. Asset Protection

We mentioned above how commercial window film protects your school/business or property by limiting a would-be intruder’s access to your building. In addition, 3M window security film can also extend the life of your merchandise or assets by significantly reducing the harmful UV rays that are the main cause of fading. That’s double protection for your property.

Ensure Your Building’s Safety with the Security Film Experts

As you’ve seen, commercial window film has many advantages to offer schools, businesses, commercial property managers, and government buildings. However, in order to capitalize on these advantages, your security film must be installed properly by professionals who know what they’re doing.

The experts at NGS can work with you to figure out which security film will be most effective for your specific circumstances, and then they’ll work around your hectic schedule to complete the job and install the film properly, on schedule and on budget.


Learn more about your security film options when you contact the professionals at NGS.