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Commercial property owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their bottom line, all while making their building a more desirable place to work. This is all achievable with a multi-faceted approach to design, construction, and innovation. Construction and design trends today utilize large open spaces with lots of natural daylight, windows, and imagery. Window film technologies today can actually enhance daylight, reduce heat gain and automatically adjust to daylighting conditions. In addition to providing immediate savings from reduced power consumption, there are numerous LEED credits available for the application of window films which can enhance occupant experience which ultimately leads to improved occupancy rates. NGS performs in depth energy savings models every day for buildings across America.

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Transform existing spaces into stunning visual experiences with wall super graphics & wayfinding dimensional signage. Protect your people and property with the latest in surface protection films for anti-graffiti applications, blast protection, storm mitigation and civil unrest. Take the steps to be prepared in today’s shifting social & security environment and ask the NGS team for a free assessment.




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Want more attention for your building? Do your tenants? Of course they do. Everyone loves attention. In fact, since we’re on the subject, how about you pay attention to the products you can get for that attention-catching building of yours.

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