Your Choice Exposure

Or Coverage (Or Both!)

Your business is unique, and each of your buildings is one of a kind. What you need for one location might not be what you need at another. For that matter, what you need on the first floor might not be what you need on the second. Or the second thirty floors.

Luckily, you’ve got options. All the options.

Get What You Want

And when you work with NGS Films and Graphics, you’ll get guided consultation that lays out all the pros and cons so you can make the most well-informed decision for each of your buildings. No job is too big, no solution is too difficult, no brands or options are off limits. (Okay, maybe we’ll try to talk you out of nudes on your building’s exterior…but we’re not firm on the subject. We help you cover your assets; you decide if other things get covered.)

From aesthetics to functionality, learn about all your options – then sit back and watch your choice become your reality. Only with NGS.

Energy-Efficient Cost Savings

Rock-Solid Branding

Attractive Interiors and Exteriors

Invisible Security

Custom Solutions

Expose Your Business

Cover Your Building

Don’t limit your options to the few brands the other guys are selling. Show off your brand, increase your building’s efficiency, and improve your security with the vast range of choices from NGS Films and Graphics.


Reveal Unusual Coverage

Buildings. Buildings! BUILDINGS!!

Come browse our array of beautiful buildings. See the spectacular signage! Gaze upon the glamour that could be yours!

Check out the wide range of creative, one-of-a-kind solutions from NGS Films and Graphics and let your imagination run with a team that loves solving unusual challenges. (But that’s not the only unusual thing that we love…)

Get Ideas

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