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Businesses. Covered.

You run a business…which means you probably have a marketing team. Our marketing team keeps telling us we need to limit ourselves to serving a specific industry, but honestly, if you have a building, we can help you. (Our marketing team is going to be so mad at us for this!)

Having a single focus is great, and working with only one industry would probably make things easier for us. But we didn’t get into this business to sit back and relax; we got in it to solve interesting, unique problems for you, so that you can sit back and relax.

And if we didn’t let you know that we can solve your business’s challenges, no matter what your business is, that would simply be bad business on our part.

(Actually, come to think of it, that’s the one business we don’t cover: Bad business! Problem solved, Marketing Team!)

NGS Films and Graphics specializes in delivering highly effective and yet cost-conscious solutions for 24-hour operations, companies with strict timelines, national chains, and organizations with a focus on cost-saving sustainability. Those are all the businesses we list at the top of this page. But our real specialty is in creative solutions that fit your exact needs.




The Right Way

When you have an issue in your building, you need it fixed. And you need it fixed right. On your timeline.
Luckily, at NGS there’s only one right way to get things done: Your way.

A Plethora of Products

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NGS Films and Graphics changed the window film industry by offering more options than any other vendor. At this point, NGS offers more film options, more graphics options, and more signage options. Marvel at the magnificence of so many options – and then imagine what you could do with so much!

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