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Commercial Burglary: Tips for Prevention

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Commercial burglary is a crime of opportunity. The longer it takes for a would-be thief or looter to enter your premises, the more likely they are to give up. Therefore, your job is to slow down or prevent access to your building or location until the police arrive.

Here are 3 tips that will help you accomplish that goal.

3 Tips to Prevent Commercial Burglary

In most cases of commercial burglary, thieves or looters enter the building using physical force. Although Hollywood would like you to believe that all burglars are master lockpicks, the reality is that most thieves and looters resort to low-tech, low-skill tools like cinder blocks, sledgehammers, and crowbars.

Keep them out using these 3 things that deter burglars:

1. Clear the line of sight

Make it hard for would-be intruders to access your premises by trimming trees and bushes and using good lighting both inside and outside your building or location.

2. Rely on security technology

Alarms and security cameras are critical tools that help you reduce the time a burglar remains on your premises, as well as identify criminals (even looters!) after the fact.

3. Strengthen your entry points

As they say, “prevention is the best cure.” Prevent commercial burglary by making it nearly impossible for thieves and looters to get into your building or location. The best way to do this is to use shatterproof “glass” known as Riot Glass.

What Is Riot Glass?

Riot Glass is a patented access denial system consisting of a clear shield and mechanically anchored frame system that is invisibly installed over the tops of your existing doors and windows. It is shatterproof and extremely impact resistant, with a 100% success track record of holding up against sledgehammers, crowbars, cinder blocks, bricks, bats, and more.

In essence, Riot Glass looks and acts like an unbreakable glass that keeps looters and thieves out. Think of Riot Glass as a clear, permanent board up that is always working and requires no maintenance.

Let’s Look at a Real-Life Case Study…

Wondering how to prevent burglary at your business or location? Let’s look at a real-life example of a foiled commercial burglary.

Check out this brief, real-life video of an attempted smash and grab and see if you can identify the crime-prevention methods the building used successfully.

As you saw, the gas station in the video effectively and appropriately used the following methods to prevent commercial burglary:

  • Clear line of sight – there were no trees or bushes blocking our view of the would-be thief, and although there were a few low obstacles in the way of the windows that looked like pallets of water bottles, the gas station used bright lighting that illuminated the criminal’s actions.
  • Security technology – though entry was denied and we therefore weren’t able to determine if there was an alarm system, we do know that the gas station had multiple security cameras, both inside and outside. This is why we had a video to watch.
  • Strengthened glass – as you could see in the video, it appeared as if there was a metal security gate that someone had forgotten to close and lock on the interior of the door, but it didn’t matter because the entrance was protected by impenetrable Riot Glass.

If you watch the video carefully, you notice that, although the gas station used multiple burglary prevention tactics, the only method that truly foiled the crime was the Riot Glass. The would-be thief was determined — throwing his whole weight into those 19 hits from a large sledgehammer in his attempt to get in — but the burglar-proof “glass” door stopped him.

However, it was only when he realized he would not be able to enter the building that he finally gave up and left, presumably to find an easier target.

Protect Your Business with Riot Glass

When all else fails, you can trust that Riot Glass will act as your last line of defense. Riot Glass is the only access denial system on the market with a 100% success rate – it has literally never failed.

Learn more about Riot Glass and other commercial burglary prevention methods.


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Broken glass to illustrate the importance of security glass

Security Glass Comparison: Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, Security Window Film, and Polycarbonate Riot Glass

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Curious which security glass solution would do the best job if you want to keep your business or location safe from rioters, looters, active shooters, thieves, storms, and more?

Here are the answers you’ve been looking for.

What Is Security Glass?

Let’s start with a quick definition:

Security glass is meant to reduce the likelihood that someone in your business or building would be severely hurt by flying glass or glass shards if your doors or windows were to break.

As an added bonus, certain types of security glass and security film help prevent your glass from breaking, which can deter thieves and looters, and slow down active shooters.

Now that you know what security glass is, let’s talk about the different types of security solutions you can trust to protect your windows and doors.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass consists of two panes of glass that sandwich a clear vinyl sheet. Although the glass on either side of the vinyl pane can be broken, the vinyl stays intact to reduce glass shards and spall, and to deter intruders.


  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Dampens sounds
  • Cut and edged after laminating, which makes it easy and fast to install
  • Blast and impact resistant


  • Though it holds together with impact, it sure does look ugly after it’s hit
  • Can be pushed out of the frame if stressed enough

In addition to being used on windows, this glass is also used in windshields to keep you safe if a rock hits you on the highway.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is glass that has been rapidly heated and cooled in a tempering furnace at 1200˚ F. This process strengthens the glass to 4-5x its original capabilities and changes the structural properties of the glass, so it breaks into a trillion tiny cubes on impact.


  • Vastly improves the safety of anyone near the glass during an attack or blast because it breaks into little cubes instead of shattering into dangerously sharp flying shards


  • Because tempered glass is under pressure, it has been known to spontaneously break due to unseen chips or flaws
  • Cut and edged before tempering, which means it takes more time to procure and install
  • Is very easy for thieves and looters to breach

Tempered glass is most commonly used on doors and windows for safety, but it won’t do much to keep thieves and looters out if you don’t have additional security film for protection because it is easy to break.

Security Window Film

Security window film improves strength and impact resistance for both tempered and laminated glass, so you can keep your building, occupants, and inventory much safer than you could by solely relying on security glass.


  • Improves occupant safety by sticking glass together and reducing spall, which is the spray of broken glass that results from an impact or explosion
  • Can have an additional structural adhesive applied to anchor the film and glass to the frame for added forced entry protection
  • Strengthens all types of safety glass and plate glass
  • Slows down intruders and shooters
  • Can be applied to existing glass doors and windows
  • Delivers added benefits, including UV resistance, energy efficiency, and more
  • Provides protection from weather and blast events


  • Has limitations, will not stop intrusion if the right tools are used

Multilayered, tear-resistant security window film such as 3M Ultra won’t prevent an active shooter, looter, or other intruder from gaining access to your building, but it will slow them down long enough for you to get building occupants to safety.

Check out the video below to compare how long it takes to breach a window with security film, as compared to one without film.

Polycarbonate Riot Glass

Riot Glass is a patented clear shield and mechanically anchored frame system installed over top of the existing doors and windows. It is shatterproof and extremely impact resistant, and keeps looters, thieves, and other intruders out.


  • Shatterproof, usually requiring few replacements while staying attractive
  • Also protects against storms, hammers, and low and high-powered weapons
  • Has a 100% success track record in stopping forced entry (with NGS clients)
  • May make you eligible for an insurance discount (check with your insurance agent)


When selecting your Riot Glass solution, keep in mind that safety film is more affordable, but polycarbonate is more impact resistant. If you need to resist shooters, choose polycarbonate.

Watch the videos below to see how effectively Riot Glass prevents crimes.

Discover the Best Safety Window Film & Glass Solution for Your Needs – Contact NGS!

There’s a lot to know about security glass and security film – and the choices you make could end up being life or death decisions. Before making your final solution selection, it’s best to consult with an expert.

Find the right security glass solution for your precise needs when you ask the security glazing experts at NGS.

At NGS, protecting people is our mission. When you’re ready to protect your building or location, check with the nationally acclaimed security glazing experts first.

Get answers to your security glass questions.



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A burglar breaking though a storefront window without riot glass

Riot Glass Stops Burglars and Looters in their Tracks with a 100% Success Rate

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A burglar breaking though a storefront window without riot glass

The commercial burglary, riots, and looting that erupted after peaceful protests mourning the tragic death of George Floyd caused unthinkable damage to hundreds, perhaps thousands of U.S. businesses. According to Insurance Journal, these riots “may… become the most costly civil disorder for insurers in United States history.” The cost to businesses is extremely high.

It is time to strengthen security at your store or building with Riot Glass.

Options for Protecting Your Storefront or Commercial Building

Typically, and as we have seen in television broadcasts and in our own cities, retail storefront and commercial building security measures consist of three methods:


Probably the most cost-effective of the standard door and window glass protection measures, boarding is widely used as a stop-gap for emergencies. Unfortunately, boards need to be installed last minute, often among surging riot crowds, and boarding isn’t that effective. They may break or burn, granting violent looters access to your location.

Roll-down gates

A better long-term solution than boarding up your location, roll-down gates are an everyday measure that many businesses and commercial buildings rely on. There is, however, the risk that you may not have locked them properly and, as we’ve seen from the news broadcasts, determined looters can easily wrench open roll-down gates.

Security film

More attractive than roll-down gates and more permanent than boarding, security film presents a great solution for managers who are highly conscious of their building and store aesthetics. Security film is the perfect choice for isolated burglary attempts (but not looting) because it slows thieves down and prevents access before the police arrive. In a looting situation or violent riot, it doesn’t matter if your security film slows down the looters – they have all the time in the world.

Fortunately, there is a fourth security glass solution that is literally riot proof: Riot Glass.

Riot Glass – Stops Burglars and Looters in their Tracks with a 100% Success Rate

Riot Glass is a patented, clear shield with an anchored frame that is installed over the tops of your existing doors and windows. It is more effective than boarding, roll-down gates, and safety film combined because it literally never fails.

Riot Glass is an affordable, maximum strength security solution. When you install it, you’ll experience the benefits of no broken glass, no property damage, and no entry.

Protect Your Business with Failproof Riot Glass

At the time of this writing, we are well into our second week of this nationwide tragedy. It is unclear how long the riots and looting will continue or if they will return in response to other unprovoked acts of violence.

This situation will likely continue to require ongoing risk mitigation for commercial property managers and retail operations, especially in our nation’s largest cities.


Contact NGS to learn more about Riot Glass and to request your personalized quote.

Building Access Denial – Riot Glass

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Best-in-class storefront protection, Riot Glass has never been penetrated.


  • Protects glass and frames to where it has stopped almost all attacks from damaging glass/frames
  • No emergency board up required
  • Comes in anodized clear or bronze frames to blend beautifully with existing storefront (no unsightly expand-a gates or roll downs visible)
  • No maintenance required. Set it and forget it, a clear permanent board up for your stores
  • Being tested later this month for windstorm as we are confident it will pass large missile impact
  • Comes with scratch resistant coating and UV coating, extremely durable
  • 100% success rate, never been breached for any of our clients


Riot Glass is a patented framing & clear ArmorPlast shield system that is a combination polycarbonate and plastics for maximum strength that mechanically anchors to the windows and doors. The framing system comes in anodized clear and bronze and is custom fit to the doors and storefront window system creating a protective shield that is always working (think permanent, clear board up). The panels are scratched coated, solar UV treated and extremely durable. NGS has had a 100% success rate with stopping break in attempts from items like sledgehammers, crow bars, knives, pick axes, and more.


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