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DINOC & Belbien: The “eco” Architectural Solution

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DINOC & Belbien: The “eco” Architectural Solution

It’s tempting to tear down and start over, but budget and operations considerations can put a damper on demo. With LEED considerations thrown in the mix, improving the appearance of spaces large and small demand a better alternative. Enter DINOC and Belbien architectural laminate—an excellent “eco” alternative.

Architectural laminates are a textured, hefty 8 millimeters thick vinyl and come in more than 400 style variations from wood grain, fabric, and metallic to stucco, stone, and others. Thanks to their high-tech adhesion and flexibility, transforming any smooth surface is possible, even areas with complex curves.

NGS has been using this dynamic, indoor/outdoor material for several years now with great success. One of our largest projects involved refreshing ten thousand square feet within the Dallas Convention Center.

Washington DC jeweler, IGorman, also needed a fresh take on its aging facade. The company selected a wood grain that matched the original. The end results? Both the finish and the final cost were a sight to behold. Said NGS Managing Partner, James Beale, “The store was completely overhauled with a stunning new & modern look for a fraction of the cost of replacing the original facade substrate.”

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Solar Films

Why No Building Should Be Without Sunscreen

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Why No Building Should Be Without Sunscreen

If you’re unwittingly letting your building fry like a lobster, that’s your business. Slathering it up with sun protection is ours. Here’s why it matters. According to the International Window Film Association (IWFA), window film can stop more than 80% of the solar energy coming through windows, with up to a 30% reduction in cooling costs and some films up to 30% reduction in heat loss in the winter.. The IWFA notes that window film can even save seven times each dollar spent on replacement windows.

More than 250 window films have even been certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) for energy efficiency. (“Fenestration” means an opening in a building—basically, windows, doors and skylights). The NFRC is the same independent, nonprofit organization that rates glass windows. Ratings take into account factors including energy absorption, solar heat gain, air leakage and resistance to condensation.

As if energy savings weren’t a good enough reason for solar-savvy window film, this “sunscreen” also means:

  • UV protection for the people inside
  • Fewer hot spots
  • Less glare
  • Reduced fading of furniture, carpeting and artworks

According to James Beale, managing partner and vice president of sales for NGS, “Solar considerations have emerged as a major factor for our clients in weighing their window film options. Energy costs and ways to mitigate them should really be on every client’s window solution check list.”

Beale also pointed out that many clients have been taking their solar solutions to the next level with specialty solar-control window films in a variety of categories. These include traditional reflective, ceramic ultra-blocking, and spectrally select for preserving the highest degree of natural daylight.

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Size matters

Size Matters – for Window Film Projects

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Size Matters

Size matters when it comes to window film jobs, according to one of the latest articles in Window Film Magazine. Window Film Magazine contacted National Glazing Solutions (NGS) to feature one of various large projects that NGS had completed recently to highlight the different window film applications in the commercial marketplace. The Project chosen was Sutter Health, a hospital in Northern California that NGS partnered with an ESCO on. The project took approximately 35 days and two installation teams to complete the installation at the campus. The film selected was Solar Gard Silver 20 reflective window film that achieved an incentive from the local utility company to help offset the cost of the project.

Energy Efficient Window Films Work for Hospitals

Solar control window films offer many benefits for commercial properties but hospitals in particular can benefit from the many benefits. In addition to the energy savings hospitals can benefit from the UV & glare rejection afforded by window film. Window film is endorsed by the american skin cancer society as an effective measure to reduce exposure to harmful UV rays that can cause skin damage and promote skin cancer.  Another ancillary benefit that this hospital achieved was an aesthetic overhaul that made the windows all look uniform and cleaned up the “patchwork” effect of seeing windows with clutter & different window treatments installed.

Contact the Pro’s at National Glazing Solutions to learn how window film can benefit your building and if there are incentives or available rebates available. Most property managers are not aware that the window film can pay for itself in under a year  with the combination of rebates and energy savings.

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3M Thinsulate Window Film

3M Thinsulate Window Film is insulation for your windows

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3M Thinsulate Window Film is insulation for your windows

3M company just released a category buster product with the new “THINSULATE” window film which 3M touts can help reduce heat loss by up to 38% making this product a viable alternative to replacing windows. Windows can be the Achilles heal to a building’s energy efficiency by allowing too much solar radiation to transmit in the summer and allowing too much energy to transfer from the interior to the exterior during winter months causing excess strain on HVAC systems.

 Eliminate the Need for Window Replacement in Energy Models

Replacing windows in an energy model can kill an ROI goal for an energy savings projects. 3M Thinsulate window film, according to 3M, is almost like adding another pane of insulation to an existing window in addition to rejecting up to 50+ % of the solar energy transmitting through the glass from the exterior. This product offers historical buildings and low budget energy projects never before achievable improvements to existing glazing without having to replace windows.

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California Proposition 39 & window film

California Proposition 39 Now Includes Window Film

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California Prop 39 adopts Window Film as approved retrofit

California Proposition 39 now includes window film as an approved retrofit. The state of California and the California Energy Commission have adopted window film as an eligible retrofit for the California proposition 39 application process so that local educational agencies (LEA’s) can apply for funding to pay for 100% of the cost of the retrofit. The state has allocated approximately $313,000,000 for years 2015-2016 for eligible retrofits.

What Does this Mean for Schools?

This is an unprecedented opportunity for the window film industry and schools alike. LEA’s can request funding by submit an energy expenditure plan application to the California Energy Commission. The retrofit has to demonstrate a savings-to-investment ratio of at least 1.05. The energy project must also have a simple payback within the remaiaing period of the “Charter Contract Term”. The International Window FIlm Association (IWFA) has developed a calculator in partnership with CONSOL and the California Energy Comission to assist LEA’s and contractors in identifying if the project will meet the SIR goal of <1.05.  The calculator is at and the project team at National Glazing Solutions LLC (CA license #977796) will be assisting LEAS with the application process and project implementation.

 Window Film Can Offer Both Energy and Security Benefits

Even more interesting for LEAS is that window film is the only energy retrofit that comes in security/ safety versions for assistance in delaying/ deterring forced entry events associated with active shooter scenarios. That being said California schools have the opportunity to reduce energy costs and potentially “harden” the perimeter of the building against forced entry events. The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission release their final report on the finding from the Sandy Hook Elementary School active shooter event and stated one of the recommended retrofits was that a safety/ security window film be applied to existing glazing. California school now have an opportunity to implement the safety film upgrade with a solar control version to hit the SIR target.

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NGS Heads to the SEMA Show to Bring Back the Latest in Film Applications

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The SEMA Show is the most influential trade event in the world for manufacturers of automotive specialty products, including window films for tinting, security, storm safety, solar protection and printed graphics. More than 60,000 trade professionals are expected to attend the event November 3– 6.

Naturally, National Glazing Solutions (NGS) wouldn’t miss it. More than 2,000 new products will be debuted from more than 2,000 manufacturers, spanning a whopping million square feet in the massive Las Vegas Convention Center. 3M Window Film, Solar Gard and Madico will all be there in force.

According to James Beale, managing partner and vice president of sales for NGS, “It’s critical for us to soak up everything the SEMA show has to offer, so we can stay connected with ‘what’s next’ and bring the latest options back to our customers.”

In addition to new products, the SEMA Show hosts “Education Days”, which includes more than five dozen sessions on industry trends, breaking technologies and advancements in customer service.

“What we learn from these thought leaders is invaluable across all areas of our business,” Patrick Coyle, managing partner and vice president of operations for NGS, said. “We come back truly inspired, with ideas we can implement to improve our offerings to customers throughout the coming year.”

But SEMA isn’t all work. It wouldn’t be Vegas without a little time set aside for (industry-related) play. SEMA is known for its celebrity appearances, and 3M alone will be bringing along favorites from the Discovery Channel, including Chip Foose from “Overhaulin’” and Charley Hutton and K.C. Mathieu from “Fast N Loud”. Rutledge Wood from the History Channel’s “Top Gear” and “Lost in Transmission” will also be in attendance. VIP customer appreciation parties also come with the territory for companies like NGS.

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NGS Named "UBER" of Window Film Industry

NGS Named “UBER” of Window Film Industry

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National Glazing Solutions, the nationwide leader in window film solutions and installation, has been ranked again in the top window film dealers in the United States. The rankings were published in Window Film Magazine in September 2015 and NGS was ranked across all categories.

This is not the first time that NGS has been ranked in the top window film dealers in the United States. In September 2013 NGS also was also featured in the rankings as the number 1 commercial window film dealer in the United States. This time around, the firm was ranked number 1 for leanest operation.

Because of the success NGS has enjoyed, Window Film Magazine published an article alongside its rankings calling the company the “Uber of Window Film”  READ STORY HERE.  This comparison was drawn because of the incredibly successful way in which the company has implemented such a lean operation. The lean operation NGS has managed to implement is very similar to the taxi firm who have found worldwide success using subcontractors.

This business model has helped NGS to bring in $375,000 in sales per employee, over $100,000 per employee more than second place. The article paid tribute to the sophisticated infrastructure which allows the company to manage up to 50 installations a day, every day.

“But being the third-ranked top-selling (and leanest) film installation company in the U.S. isn’t just because of its sub-contractors,” said Window Film Magazine. “NGS also has a sophisticated infrastructure in place to manage a high volume of jobs.”

The infrastructure NGS has in place was put to good use recently, when they installed film on 1,500 banks from Maine to Miami in just one month. This demonstrates what a great infrastructure the company has to enable them to operate successfully from coast to coast.

NGS have many successes to shout about at the moment:

-The company has a bright future ahead with projected revenue up by 25% to $6 million in 2015

Multiple high profile corporate headquarter projects underway around the USA with new national accounts coming onboard every quarter

-In February this year NGS was recognized as Solar Gard’s “Panorama Dealer of the Year 2014”.

-NGS has also developed a proprietary anti-intrusion system designed for retail called Tri-Shield. A series of videos displaying the power of this system in action are available on the website.

– Industry leading education and training to establish modeling and installation standards

-NGS is also one of only a handful of window film companies to have been awarded a GSA contract.

GSA contract Number for NGS

GSA contract Number for NGS




-Uniquely, NGS is the only window film contractor in the United States to have in-house engineering for modeling buildings.

With all of this in mind, the future looks bright for NGS. James Beale, Managing Partner & VP of Sales said, “The company has the right resources and is focused on the right things. That makes all the difference in the world.”

National Glazing Solutions, LLC, is recognized as a nationwide leader in solar, security, specialty, and printed film solutions since 2009. They aim to provide quality installation services which meet their clients’ budget and project objectives. NGS has been recognized as the top commercial window film dealer in the United States in September 2013 and as running the leanest operation in September 2015.

SPEC RESCUE – Oversimplifying Existing Glass

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Imagine you are trying to calculate savings from a lighting retrofit and the options for existing lighting were:

  • LED
  • Fluorescent
  • Metal Halide
  • LPS

These four are simple enough to distinguish from one another but are woefully inadequate within the category to calculate savings.

However, this is what almost every window film technology provider does when they consider the existing glass as:

  • Clear single pane
  • Clear double pane
  • Tinted single pane
  • Tinted double pane

Technology is readily available by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Window and Daylighting Group ( that allows anyone to calculate nearly 500,000 glass and film combinations in about an hour.

Your client has real glass and real film combinations that will dramatically impact calculated ROI – don’t make the mistake of oversimplifying the glazing improvement.


3M scotchshield

Hardening the Target

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“Response time solutions” refer to activities working toward solutions at active shooting or terror situations, generally within schools or public places. Only so much can be done in the interim and during the conflict. Response times can “maybe” be shortened, potential victims be armed or made able to defend themselves, better potential criminal or shooter identification methods can be taught, OR the target can be hardened. At National Glazing Solutions, we understand the value of hardening the target with safety film on all windows and doors and walls/roofs with glass.

Police Magazine’s 10/16/2013 article, “Quicker Response To Active Shooters,” demonstrates the limitations involved in the first three potential solutions mentioned above, and actually lists “hardening the target” first – presumably as a measure to buy the potential victims time and safety.

Safety film is a common sense approach to building safety. It is not bulletproof, but it does, when applied properly, keep glazing from becoming fragmented and falling out of the frame thereby providing a legitimate safety shield when located between a shooter /or terrorist(s) and innocent people. It is the ideal method of helping to harden the target. National Glazing Solutions specializes in safety film, and in helping to increase security and safety in public buildings, especially school structures.

Think about it. Not all that much can be done anytime soon to improve officer response, identify future bad guys, or in the way of arming people within the school, but adding a layer of protection via safety film not only buys time but provides ongoing safety when the bad guy is separated from victims by it.3M, Madico, Solar Gard or TRI-SHIELD Safety film can potentially save lives; and, provides the additional bonus of also protecting against severe weather or careless actions of individuals.

Keep in mind that when responders and law enforcement arrive, the situation remains active for a length of time; rarely are there quick fixes to quell the scene immediately – the victims still need protection! Window film solutions are indeed great solutions for  a variety of physical and personal safety concerns. In this day and age, people in groups certainly need to be protected from their environment and surroundings as much as possible.

National Glazing Solutions is the industry leader in safety film and security innovation for structures of all types. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions. Security [ at]

sandy hook advisory Commission final report

A.L.I.C.E. Program for School Safety & Window Films

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A.L.I.C.E. School Safety Program & 3 Pillars of School Safety

The ALICE School Safety Program (Alert-Lockdown-Inform-Counter-Evacuate) is popular and well-known amongst school safety resource officers. We at National Glazing Solutions have been particularly active with the program and have even made presentations at seminars examining hardening physical buildings with film and how that relates to the ALICE School Safety Program

Windows Amid The ALICE School Safety Program

Interestingly enough, windows play a crucial role in the ALICE system. How? During the lockdown stage, potential student-victims and school employees are isolated in various sections/places with the intent of keeping them safe and separated from the intruder(s) or active shooters or other threats. Safety film coated windows are a great shield or barrier between the shooter/intruder and then innocent victims. (Regular windows are little or no protection at all.) The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission reported in its final report that Window Film was a recommended upgrade to exterior windows. SANDY HOOK ADVISORY COMMISSION FINAL REPORT

Windows are the “Achilles heel” and typical point of entry for an intruder or active shooter and thus critical that they be evaluated as part of the overall building hardening. Unfortunately, school shootings seem to have become a regular part of our lives in recent years, and all available safety precautions must be analyzed for employment.

Three Pillars of School Safety (Open Loop Method)

By the same token, school safety can be thought of in another way, as a 3-Pillar School Safety Plan (Open Loop). This safety method or philosophy involves Safe Facilities, School Disaster Management, and Risk Reduction and Resilience Education.

It doesn’t take a PH.D to realize that in the 3-Pillar Approach, safety film windows are a tremendous asset. Safety film windows certainly make the facility safer, aid in disaster management by increasing options, and assist in reducing risk and increasing resilience.

School Safety Solution

At National Glazing Solutions we strive to make schools and other public buildings as safe as possible with our safety solutions directed at and for potential criminal activity and severe weather. We want to help you, your school, business, or organization to be a safer place for patrons, employees, and students & teachers… Contact us for more information at SECURITY (at) click soon!