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How Indoor Business Signs Can Help Grow Your Business

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As the leader of a successful business, you’re already well aware of the many benefits that good outdoor signage can bring to your company. However, you may not be aware of the advantages of utilizing indoor business signs.

It doesn’t matter what field or industry you’re in; indoor business signage can offer great returns for all types of organizations across multiple industries.

Get ideas for your indoor signage project with today’s article.

How Do Various Industries Utilize Indoor Business Signs?

Also known as “graphic signs” (because they’re typically custom printed graphics that you stick on your interior walls, floors, doors, and ceilings), indoor business signs are an innovative approach businesses can use to communicate with clients, customers, and employees.

Below are just a few examples of how indoor business signs can benefit various industries. If you don’t see your industry on the list, you may be surprised by how versatile indoor business signage can be. Contact the signage experts at NGS to learn the latest, most creative, revenue-building ways that others in your industry are using graphic signs.

  • Hospitality

Today’s hotels face ever-increasing competition from online brokerages like Airbnb, and that means your path to growth lies in showcasing the amenities you offer that could never be matched by the limitations of an Airbnb host. However, you’ll want to ensure that your outstanding amenities are intrinsically linked to your brand.

Custom indoor business signage can help because it will reinforce your brand name and signature hotel aesthetic every time your guests look around your lobbies, hallways, elevators, rooms, and entertainment areas. With this constant reinforcement, your guests’ memories (and photos!) will reflect your brand at every turn – because your indoor business signage will also be there reflecting your brand at every turn.

  • Retail

All retail business leaders understand the concept and advantage of curb appeal, but only the savviest of retail managers and facilities planners know that, these days, curb appeal must extend well beyond the curb. Indoor business signage brings that same concept indoors.

If you’re counting on foot traffic, you expect your customers to stop at a few stores before and after they stop into your location. That means you’ll need to highlight your branding and direct customers toward prime areas in your store immediately when they walk in. Clear indoor graphic signs can help with that.

Planned and installed properly, eye-catching indoor signage can draw customers deeper into your store, enticing them to fully engage and interact with your brand and products. This also helps to increase the amount of time they spend at your location, thereby increasing purchasing likelihood.

  • Government

Government buildings typically house numerous departments, offices, and officials. Wayfinding through this labyrinth of corridors and doorways can be impossible without the proper business signage. Even an open office floorplan can be challenging to navigate without indoor signs, as the General Services Administration (GSA) discovered.

By utilizing the NGS team’s comprehensive consultation services and full product line of best-of-breed solutions, including 3M indoor graphics, you can help direct your employees and visitors around your government building with professionally designed, efficient, cost-effective indoor signs.

Best of all, NGS is a GSA contract holder licensed to provide both materials and installation services, which makes NGS the fastest, easiest procurement choice for your large or small government project. (GSA contract number: GS-07F-152CA.)

Make Indoor Business Signage Work for You

Indoor business signs, like all business tools, can be immensely beneficial and can lead to great growth. However, to take advantage of the full range of signage benefits, you’ll need to consult with professionals that can design the most efficient setup for your specific building and business.

But beware!

You don’t want to trust your new indoor signage project to any old Joe Shmoe who says they can install signs. The process of crafting and installing indoor signage takes experience and know-how – which means you’ll want to work with true professionals who have a successful history of indoor sign design and installation.


Learn more about your options for indoor business signs from NGS and see all the ways we can help make your business grow.

5 Expert Considerations for Perfect Outdoor Business Signs

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Rolling out a new location? Getting your outdoor business signs looking great is critical to the success of your rollout, but fighting with landlords and city officials over precedents and permits can delay your signage project timelines.

There’s no reason you should have to settle for lower-quality signage with higher prices, just so you can meet your grand opening deadlines. Instead, trust your outdoor sign projects to the signage experts at NGS. When you leave your signage to us, we’ll make sure you get high-quality custom business signs you’ll love – and best of all, they’ll be delivered on time and on budget, every time.

Curious how we’ll choose the right sign for your needs? Here are 5 key areas we’ll consider to make sure your custom business sign project is a success.

An Expert’s Guide to Outdoor Business Signs

This is the general outline of the guidelines we follow when planning for your outdoor business signs. Please feel free to use the questions in this guide yourself or share it with your colleagues when planning for your next signage project.

  1. Does It Grab Attention?

Building wraps and full-color window graphics both do a great job of attracting attention from people passing by, and that’s important because a 2012 study by FedEx Office determined that 75% of people entered a store or referred a friend because they saw the store’s outdoor business signs. Another strong attention-grabbing setup is to use video projection film from 3M, which displays full-color videos that catch the eye of anyone nearby.

  1. Will It Attract Customers and Visitors?

Once people have noticed your store, it’s best to guide them right inside immediately. Colorful, branded indoor / outdoor floor graphic films, such as 3M Envision, are a great way to lead visitors in the right direction and can be used effectively with unique and interesting wayfinding outdoor signs to help everyone quickly and easily find their path to your doors.

  1. Can It Be Clearly and Easily Seen at All Times?

When it comes to outdoor business signs, the phrase “go big or go home” really applies. If you don’t “go big” on signage, your potential customers will end up going home. To ensure your outdoor business signs are visible, NGS uses 3D environment modeling to determine the best signage spots, and then we design, manufacture, and install the blade signs, channel lettering, or pylon and monument signs (or anything else!) that fit your needs best.

  1. Does It Send a Message of Quality?

When it comes to first impressions, quality matters for your outdoor business signs. According to a Sign Research Foundation study, 33% of customers walked into a store based on the quality of its outdoor signs, and another Sign Research Foundation study showed that 34% of people admitted to associating the quality of a store and its products with the quality of its signs. Luckily, quality can be communicated using premium materials like wood, specialty metals, or shiny acrylic, or with durable materials that look good for the life of your lease, like Sign•Foam or PVC.

  1. Is the Placement and Appearance of the Sign Legal?

Nothing stops a custom business sign project dead in its tracks like a permit delay or a landlord dispute. We wouldn’t be surprised if scientists someday discover a law of nature that kicks in when you’re running at top speed to meet your rollout deadlines – making city officials respond slower than snails, while landlords nitpick everything. NGS works with all these officials for you, tirelessly filling out city paperwork and investigating your building to establish precedent that quiets your landlord’s arguments.

Get Hassle-Free Help with Your Outdoor Business Signs – No Handholding Required

As a Facilities and Maintenance Manager for a large corporation, you don’t need us to tell you how much work it takes to rollout a new location, you’re busy making that happen right now! We truly understand how much work and attention your job takes, and we’re happy to step in and help.

As one of our satisfied customers stated:

“With NGS, you eliminate the headache. Sometimes I feel like vendors require so much handholding. With NGS, it’s set it and forget it. You know it’s going to be done right.”

In fact, we don’t just handle seamless installations, we can do all the work for you with our turnkey services. All you have to do is send over your brand guidelines and we’ll design, permit, manufacture, and install your signs for you.

Creating outdoor signs really can be that simple.

If you’re ready to get quality, on-time outdoor business signs without the hassle or headache, contact NGS to find out how we can help. We look forward to speaking with you.

How to Choose the Right Business Sign Vendor for a Worry-Free Project

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If you’re looking to complete a new signage project, your #1 task will be to find experienced professionals with the background and expertise to do the job properly. You already know your business signs are critically important and you know that deadlines matter – you need a business sign vendor who understands these things too.

If you want to speak with a national signage expert about your options for fast, effortless, high-quality signage production and installation, contact NGS right now for a free consultation. Or you can read on to find out how you can ensure you get the best sign at the right time for your business needs.

Used to Headaches with Your Business Signs? You Deserve a Better Vendor.

You’ve been in business for a while now, so, if we had to guess, we’d be willing to take a gamble that this probably isn’t your first time dealing with signage. We’d also guess that you’re not too excited about the prospect of working with your old vendor again. We understand; we’ve been in the signage business a long time and we’ve heard all the stories. We’ve heard about business signs that were broken on arrival (cringe), misspelled signs (ouch), and signs that needed to be taken down because of permit issues (ugh).

All of these are dreadful problems, but the worst is when you’re forced to waste your own time navigating signage permits, solving landlord disputes, or handling the other business sign issues that your vendor should really be handling for you.

Don’t you think you deserve a vendor who handles everything for you?

With the right vendor, you can eliminate all of your signage headaches because the vendor will manage the entire project themselves, from end to end. It really can be as easy as sending over your specs and then enjoying the high-quality sign that gets installed at your location, right on time.

Work with NGS: The Business Sign Experts Who Handle Everything for You

With the signage experts at NGS, you’ll know that every aspect of your sign project is taken care of for you, worry-free. Here’s just a small sampling of what we handle:

  • Purpose

Determining the specific target function of each sign (foot traffic vs. road attention for example) is critical for choosing the right signage type, size, design, etc. that best fits your specific needs and goals.

  • Durability

We take into consideration the physical conditions your signs will be subjected to. Different materials should be considered if your signs need to survive Chicago or New York winters, as opposed to the summers of Phoenix, AZ.

  • Placement

You probably already know where you want your sign placed to ensure high visibility. (If you don’t, we’ll handle that too!) However, when it comes to the rules, restrictions, and ordinances of signage, you can trust that the NGS team will take care of all that for you.

  • Budget

With business signage, as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. You already know you don’t want the cheapest sign on the market, or the most expensive, but that middle ground can be tricky. The NGS team helps you balance price and quality, so you know you got the best deal for your specific needs.

Honestly, the key to an effortless business signage project on your end is to find the right signage vendor who can and will take care of everything for you. That’s right: everything.

Wondering where to find that full-service vendor? Good news: you already have. As a trusted, nationwide leader in signage projects, both large and small, NGS takes care of all your needs throughout the entire business sign process. From conception to completion, NGS has got you covered.

At this point, all you have left is to call us up and chat… and then, really, leave the rest to us. You’ve got better things to do than think about signage.

Contact NGS to learn more about your business sign options or to set up a consultation appointment.


Retail Branding

Retail Signage and Graphics: Maintaining your Brand across Multiple Media

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There’s no sugarcoating this information, so we’re going to give it to you straight: Branding is tough. In fact, it may be one of the hardest ongoing tasks your company has to deal with because it only gets more difficult as your footprint expands.  

The increasing popularity of online shopping and its resulting race to the bottom for pricing has not only reduced your margins, it’s also made your store nearly indistinguishable from your competitor’s store in the eyes of your consumer.

Retail stores wanting to differentiate themselves and achieve high Black Friday sales figures must focus on their branding well before the holiday season. Here’s how to do that.

But First, a Word on Brand Image vs. Brand Identity

Although often used interchangeably, the terms brand image and brand identity mean two different things.

Brand identity refers to your company’s visual elements, such as your logos, signage, graphics, colors, taglines, etc. In essence, it’s the look of your brand, which you fully control.

Brand image refers to the public perception of your brand. This includes what people say about your company (whether true or not) and their general sentiment toward your products, operations, staff… everything. Unfortunately, you have very little control over your brand image.

Savvy companies can help influence their brand image by carefully managing their brand identity across key, highly visible media, such as retail signage and graphics.

It’s important to do as much as you can to support a positive brand image because, according to Adweek, consumers are more likely to buy more from a brand they identify with and whose views they support. This doesn’t mean you have to be political, but it does mean that you have to embrace a specific lifestyle view in order to bring your branding message to the fore.

You must also ensure that your brand is highly visible everywhere; Nielsen verifies that consumers are more likely to buy new products from familiar brands. In marketing, repetition breeds familiarity and trust.

How to Establish and Maintain a Strong Brand

As the manager of a retail business, you already know the basics of branding, which includes brand identity details like your logo and colors. Something you may not know is that the locations of your branded items can affect your brand image.

Brand image gaffes occur all the time, so you’ll want to think carefully about the impact of an out-of-home (OOH) advertising project before you give it the green light.

To avoid mistakes, the smartest way to manage your brand image is to post marketing materials on the exterior or interior of your building. Not only is this a highly effective way to ensure that consumers know where your store is located before Black Friday, it can also help you to increase your brand’s exposure and positive goodwill – since you’ll have the power to control where and how your signage and graphics are displayed.

Well… you’ll mostly have the power to control display details.

Branding Issues for Signs and Graphics

There’s a high likelihood that you, like other commercial building tenants, will run into logistics issues for your planned signage and graphics projects, due to strict landlord requirements or bizarre city codes. Delays in these areas take time to work through, especially during the busy holidays, and if your project falls behind, it can cut into your Black Friday sales.

In addition to avoiding delays, you’ll also want to carefully plan the design of your branded materials. Whether your company is focused on minimalism, luxury, efficiency, or happiness, making sure you use well-designed graphics and signage can help you to reinforce your preferred brand image throughout the peak sales season. Remember, consumers are more likely to buy from a brand whose views they support.

Overcome Branding Challenges the Easy Way

Ensure that your branding is done your way, on your terms, and sends the message you prefer, when you choose a full-service, national graphics and signage team that manages your entire installation, from concept to finished product.

As you’re making your vendor selection, you’ll want to ensure that the team you choose takes care of design, landlord negotiation, and city paperwork for you. In fact, you may want to consider a company that manages every aspect of the project for you.

If you’re not sure where you can find such a helpful team in your area that also has the time and resources to complete your project before Black Friday, we’ve got you covered.

As one of the nation’s top resources for commercial branded graphics and signage solutions, NGS Films and Graphics provides project management and execution for all your holiday interior and exterior branded media – anywhere from coast to coast.

Talk to an NGS signage and graphics expert at (866) 925-2083. to learn more. 

4 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility – Benefits of Commercial Signage

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Now announcing NGS commercial signage and interior branding projects!

Exterior and interior commercial signage not only increases your brand awareness and your overall visibility, it also builds brand equity and consumer confidence. In short: signs are really important. That’s why NGS Films and Graphics now offers full-service project management for stress-free signage and one-stop interior branding packages.

Build your brand with these four tips:

  1. Fight for Your Perfect Design

The design of your signs is extremely important. Aside from delivering brand awareness with a logo, your store’s signage also delivers subtle psychological cues to shoppers about your store’s quality, as a recent study found. Not only do your colors and lettering matter in your design, placement matters too.

Unfortunately, cities and landlords often limit key elements such as colors, lettering, and placement, so signage drawings have to be repeatedly reworked before the design is accepted. That’s a waste of time – and the process often dilutes your brand messaging.

Get your bid drawings right the first time so you can get your perfect design. NGS Films and Graphics knows the city code inside and out, and will also work as your on-site brand defender, performing an On-Site Analysis that establishes precedent against troublesome landlords who block your ideal sign project. It’s all included in our full-service, turnkey signage offering with optional interior branding packages.

  1. Make Sure Your Signs Are Visible

Design means nothing if consumers can’t find your store. A 2012 FedEx Office study determined that 75% of consumers have entered a store or referred a friend because of a sign that stood out, and another recent study found that nearly 50% of consumers will drive right by a business without finding it due to insufficient signage. Clearly, eye-catching signage makes a difference.

With NGS, you have the freedom to order a wide range of high-quality signs, including:

  • Blade signs
  • Channel and illuminated signs
  • Interior branding signage
  • Specialty signs in bronze, aluminum, and other attractive metals
  • …and more

Plus, you’ll get 3D environment modeling, which ensures maximum visibility for illuminated signs using the ideal height and stroke width for your project and location. Again, NGS is happy to take care of all those permits, city codes, and landlord approvals for you.

  1. Ensure Your Signs Are High Quality

A Sign Research Foundation study reports that 33% of shoppers have been drawn into an unfamiliar store based on sign quality, and other studies have found that, out of 100,000 surveyed North American shoppers, 34% associated sign quality with store and product quality.

Luckily, NGS makes it easy for you to ensure high quality signs, because they oversee all aspects of your signage design, manufacturing, installation, and inspections with turnkey signage service all the way from concept to final inspection. Whether you need building signage, exterior signage, glass signage, or creative interior signage, NGS will take care of it.

  1. Deliver Branding Indoors Too

The survey of 100,000 North American shoppers also found that nearly 86% of shoppers agreed that signage can convey the personality and branding of a business, which explains why modern companies are choosing interior branding. But interior branding isn’t just for retail.

A recent study from office-design expert, Haworth, suggests that expressive design elements in your space can increase employee productivity by 22%, which explains why NGS was hired to take care of interior branding throughout State Farm’s new 2.2-million-square-foot mega campus (the largest corporate office project in metro Atlanta’s history).

With full-service interior branding packages from NGS, your retail store, office location, or other commercial space will benefit from our high-quality one-stop-shop that takes care of all the details for you, including the design, production, and installation of gorgeous interior branding graphics, film, and signage so you can deliver a seamless experience throughout your locations and across the nation.

Set Up Your Commercial Signage and Interior Branding Project

Many sign projects stall out because businesses are surprised to discover that the process takes an overwhelming amount of time and effort, including code checks, permits, landlord approvals, and other frustrating steps. Many interior branding project stall because it takes a lot of vendor coordination.

Let NGS take care of everything for you, so you’ll know that your sign and interior branding will be done correctly, on time, every time. Contact Angie Huff, the NGS sign and branding expert, for more information.