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Tennessee House Bill 0322 Requires Security Window Film in Schools

By June 14, 2023June 19th, 2023Building Security, Education, Safety & Security Films
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There’s never been a more horrific display of the need for security window film in schools than the recent tragedy in Nashville. The perpetrator shot out the glass doors and entered the building within seconds. Access delay or access denial glazing security solutions could have delayed or even prevented the intruder from accessing the building through the glass doors. This would have bought precious time for the heroic first responders to arrive on the scene, neutralize the threat, and save lives.

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Tennessee Requires Security Window Film in all New and Remodeled Schools

Consequently, the Tennessee legislature passed House Bill 0322, which clearly calls out the need for security window film in securing schools. The legislation allocates $230 million in funding for school safety with $140 million for one full-time, armed School Resource Officer (SRO) for every public school, $40 million for public school security upgrades, and $14 million for private school security upgrades.

Regarding glass doors and windows, the approved legislation states that schools constructed or remodeled after July 2023 must “have installed a clear, bullet-resistant or entry-resistant film on the glass panel of each exterior entry or basement level window and door to prevent individuals from entering the school building without authorization by breaking the glass in an exterior entry or basement level window or door.”

Tennessee follows the footsteps of Texas’ recent security window film mandate, and joins a litany of government reports and recommendations that acknowledge of the benefits of and need for security window films in schools, such as The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission report and The Federal Commission on School Safety.

And while the legislation is an excellent step toward improving the vulnerability of glass doors and windows, it fails to address the need to improve the glazing security in all of the schools, as it is future-looking (new construction and remodels after July 1, 2023), and it makes an understandable, but unfortunate error in calling out “bullet resistant window film,” as there is no such thing.

Click here to learn more about why there is no such thing as “ballistic window film” and why it matters.

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We offer glazing security assessments, proprietary area reporting software for ease of scope review and pricing, streamlined procurement via our EDGAR-compliant purchase cooperatives and government contracting vehicles, and have a dedicated K-12 team of experts dedicated to helping you find and procure grants.

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