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Best Security Window Films for Schools

By July 22, 2022April 28th, 2023Building Security, Education, Riot Glass, Safety & Security Films
Student in a classroom learning about school safety

With each week that passes, it seems that we are further away from gaining control of mass shooters, particularly in schools. Parents are afraid, as are our children. Teachers and school staff may feel as if they are sitting ducks. Something must be done and fast. But what is the answer?

The general consensus seems to be fortification. As glass is most often the weakest link in any building, securing glass on school campuses is a priority. Security window film for schools may not sound like much but let us educate you on just how impressive these products are. Not only are they incredibly strong, but the security systems are virtually invisible.

Whereas we don’t want our children to feel like their school is a prison, we also want to ensure that they are protected. Anything and everything we can do to increase their safety is an action we should take. Let’s begin.

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3M™ Safety and Security Window Film

This security window film for schools affords an additional layer of protection for the glass. Instead of broken glass creating shards that can become deadly weapons, this 3M Safety and Security Window Film holds the glass together when it is broken.


At NGS, we offer numerous options for glass protection and building perimeter security. TRI-SHIELD for school windows and doors provides glass protection with advanced anti-intrusion security. Designed with NGS’s forced-entry protection system TRI-SHIELD can dramatically slow down unwanted entry into a building. TRI-SHIELD has been lab-tested and field-proven to be effective at resisting an attack by delaying, or in most cases, stopping an attacker’s entry. Watch our video below for a full breakdown of how this product works.

Riot Glass® II

Riot Glass II is an extremely durable maximum-security solution that retrofits over already present glass windows or doors. Furthermore, Riot Glass is a patented framing system that includes a clear ArmorPlast shield. The protective panels are scratch-coated and solar UV treated. In other words, it can keep the interior of classrooms cooler, as well as reduce glare on computer screens.

Riot Glass has proven more effective than any other forced entry protection system including boarding, roll-down gates, and security window film. Because this security system holds together the glass within the retrofit, there is little to no danger of flying shards becoming weaponry on the rare occasion that glass is broken. Riot Glass has an unmatched success rate in stopping breach attempts and recently passed Miami-Dade large missile impact testing protocol. It’s tough stuff!

Ballistic Window Film

Often when we hear the term “ballistic”, we think bullet-proof. And that sounds particularly preferable when we want to safeguard our schools. However, there is no such thing as 100% bullet-proof glass.

With this said, ballistic glass is the closest to bulletproof film for school windows we can get. It’s best described as a bullet shield for glass windows or doors. In fact, it is a clever option that offers resistance to bullets in a rather impressive manner.

Bullet-resistant glass is designed to absorb the force of an impact, particularly resulting from varied or numerous gunshots. It has been trusted as a barrier for many different uses, from protecting government buildings to shielding military or private vehicles from bullet attacks.

It’s important to understand that bullets will almost always pierce at least the first layer of material. But penetrating the glass entirely is a different matter altogether.

Ballistic levels recommended for schools

Ballistic window film for schools is offered with different levels of protection. Levels of protection range from Level 1, which can sustain three 9mm bullets, to Level 10 which can stop a single 50 BMG bullet. The following levels are recommended for schools:

  • Level 2 This polycarbonate glass is just over an inch thick. According to intensive testing, this bullet-resistant glass is able to protect against three .357 Magnum rifle bullets.
  • Level 3 This is often the strongest variety of bullet-resistant polycarbonate available. It is about 1.25 inches thick and can protect against up to three shots from a .44 magnum.
  • Level 4 This top-rated bullet-resistant glass is commonly used for banking and government customers. Level 4 bullet-resistant glass is a 4-ply compilation of glass and polycarbonate that can be manufactured up to 1-1/2 inches thick. This option can stop a shot from a .30-06 hunting rifle.

When considering ballistic glass, it is important to remember that the bullet will always pierce the first layer of material. However, the next layer of polycarbonate plastic will provide even more resistance. Typically, at this point, the bullet’s force will dissipate upon impact.

If there is still enough velocity being applied by the bullet, then that bullet can pierce the next layer of material. This process continues until either a layer of plastic stops the bullet or until the bullet emerges through the barrier—with far less vigor than when it started. At this point, even if the bullet pierces the ballistic glass its power will be decreased significantly, protecting individuals and interiors on the other side of the glass.

However, there is no denying the superior fortification that ballistic glass can and does provide the public. It is as close to bulletproof windows for schools as we can get.

NGS and security window film for schools

NGS is the premier provider of security window film for schools in the country. To date, we have serviced over 100 schools nationwide. Currently, we are providing more than a dozen districts nationally, with assessments and ultimately, the best possible security window protection for those schools. We look forward to being a part of the solution in our country’s quest for safety in schools across the United States.

If you would like to learn more about safety on school campuses, download our 2022 Campus Safety and Security Survey for free. If you would like to schedule a building perimeter hardening assessment, you may do so here. Let’s work together to find the best possible solutions – today.

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