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Window Film for Classroom Lockdown Window Covers

By October 5, 2022Building Security, Window Film
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We are living in a time of mass shooter drills in our schools. Our children are learning to protect themselves at all costs in the case of madness. And the possibility that it will happen is all too high.

Classrooms are installing lockdown window covers in an effort to shield teachers and students from would-be mass shooters. Their efforts may seem minimal to some, but anything is better than nothing. Moreover, blocking the view of a potential intruder can prevent them from entering that room.

They won’t waste their time if they aren’t sure there are potential victims. Their adrenalin will keep them moving until they find what they are looking for. Or at least, can see what they are looking for.

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Classroom lockdown window covers

This rather new innovation is gaining traction. Lockdown shades for classroom doors are available almost everywhere. But are they enough? Is there more that we can do?

We can all imagine the urgency in which a teacher would rush across a room and tug on a classroom door curtain to try and hide their students. As a result, it would be easy to pull the window cover down altogether and be left with no window covering at all.

What if in addition to classroom lockdown window covers there was an inexpensive addition that prevented a mass shooter from being able to see in any classroom – with or without a lockdown window cover? This could be the better choice.

One way mirror window film

3M™ one-way mirrored window film affords privacy – one way. In other words, one side of the window will remain see-through, while the other will reflect the viewer’s reflection back to them. Thus, rebuking any view into the room the offender may want to see into while allowing teachers to see out into the hallway.

What about those instances when a teacher can’t get to the door quick enough to pull the lockdown window cover down? When it comes to an active shooter on the loose, seconds can make a difference in life or death.

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a backup plan? One possible solution would be a one-way mirror window film. You can see out from the inside of the room, but the intruder can’t see in. Instead, they would see a reflection of themselves. Maybe they’ll scare themselves into running away? (We can hope.)

Window film is a more permanent solution than lockdown window covers. A film installation isn’t easily removed by a rambunctious child. Moreover, one-way window film can afford the teacher the ability to see into the hallway and keep track of an intruder. Thus, the teacher could inform the school principal or police of the up-to-date status of a perpetrator.

In addition, one-way window film still allows light through. Consequently, there won’t be less light in the classroom due to the window film application. Our students will still maintain the maximum amount of daylight in their classrooms which will allow them to perform to the best of their ability. (link student performance blog.)

Window film installation

We all can agree that we want the safest, most beneficial environment for our children to learn in. Any efforts toward ensuring their success are well worth the endeavor. Ultimately, installing window film is a very cost-effective way to deter a disaster/tragedy.

One life saved is worth the installation. Anti-glare one-way window film is the perfect companion for classroom lockdown window covers. In those horrific scenarios of terror, we can add another layer of protection to our classrooms that won’t require a teacher to break away from her students.

In a moment such as this, who has time to walk away from their students and pull down a classroom window covering? Instead, that teacher can stay with them and support them through their fear.

Installing window films is a surprisingly cost-effective solution that will be active 24/7. In fact, some may argue that they could take the place of classroom window coverings altogether. Either way, one-way mirrored window film is a valid solution to preventing mass shooters from seeing into classrooms and targeting our children. Needless to say, every effort matters.

Governor Abbott of Texas recently issued a $110 million dollar effort to add security to the state’s public schools. This cost-effective solution of installing a one-way mirror film would be a step in the right direction. Moreover, security films, Riot Glass™ and even ballistic glass are all powerful options.

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