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NGS Hires Top Window Film Installer in the U.S.

By November 29, 2023News, Window Film
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NGS is excited to announce the hiring of Marcus Quintana, one of the top window film installers in the country. With over 25 years of experience, Quintana has earned a reputation as the best in the industry through his dedication to quality, commitment to craftsmanship, and passion for continual learning. He won first place in the decorative window film category at the 2023 International Window Film Conference and Tint Off Competition and was featured in the November/December issue of Window Film Magazine. Quintana joins NGS as a Project Manager on the West Coast.

Marcus Quintana on the Cover of Window Film Magazine

Marcus Quintana (right) receives the trophy for Top Window Film Installer at 2023 IWFCT.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Marcus to the NGS team,” states James Beale, CEO. “We strive to be the best in the business, and Marcus is the embodiment of that goal. His technical expertise and skills are unrivaled, so our customers can rest easy knowing their projects are in good hands.”

Aside from his exceptional work in the window film industry, Quintana embodies the qualities that NGS values most. He is personable, dedicated, and committed to building a trusting relationship with clients. His approachable demeanor and customer-centric attitude make him a perfect fit for NGS and its commitment to providing customer satisfaction.

“Even though I have mastered many skills in the industry I am always learning from others and continue to be passionate about window film and graphics,” states Quintana. “I am also passionate about my family, traveling the world, fishing, and going to punk shows. I like to think outside the box and get a thrill from conquering difficult jobs and finding new installation methods.  I am proud of my reputation as the guy who will take on anything – installing everything from solar, security, or decorative window film, to complex graphic designs, even while hanging off of the sides of buildings. I am also proud of learning how to install security glazing products.”

The addition of Marcus Quintana to the NGS team is a significant achievement for the company. His reputation and impressive portfolio make him a valuable asset in providing exceptional window film installations for clients nationwide. NGS is thrilled to have him on board as they strive for excellence and meet client needs.

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