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The Benefits of Working with a National Window Film Company

large building with lots of glass showing the need for a national window film company

Big businesses require a broader reach from their contractor(s). When you own multiple locations across hundreds or thousands of miles, finding a national company that can meet your needs – consistently, just makes sense. This is never more true than when you are implementing window film on a commercial building or across multiple storefronts.

There are great benefits of using a local company when it’s time to do business. However, when it comes to large projects or national retail chains, or nationwide rollouts, using a contractor with more experience that provides quality national reach just makes sense.

Efficiency and ease of process are always important factors, as is the quality of product and workmanship. More often than not, it pays to use a national company. Let’s delve into when and why it may benefit you to do so.

Local Window Film Companies vs. National Window Film Companies

Local window film companies can be beneficial when a client needs emergency service. In these instances, you can’t wait to shop around and time is of the essence. The trouble comes in when you don’t know someone. Word of mouth no longer carries the weight that it used to. Communities are larger, and people are less familiar with the character or quality of work of their peers. Have you ever been recommended to a business because “so and so” knows their cousin Bo? It can be a bit of a crapshoot. It pays to know you are doing business with the best.

There are numerous situations in which it’s more beneficial to choose a national window film company. Large chains often have customer-friendly policies. For instance, stronger follow-up care or longer warranty options are often provided. In addition, national companies have the technical know-how and the experience of working on thousands of jobs, on a larger scale, that provide unmatched insight into your next project. Most local vendors have a small portfolio of projects they’ve worked on, and their experience is often limited in size and scope. Finally, when dealing with a local vendor, you may be limited in choices of product, as well as product knowledge, or quality of installation. If you want a streamlined service that offers you the broadest knowledge and experience, as well as variety in product lines, going national may be your smartest option.

When National Equates to Beneficial

National window film companies depend on their name. It means something to be the biggest and the best. These businesses make a point to research their brands, as well as, choose the best vendors and installers. Any inconsistencies and that big business won’t think twice about pulling that product or contractor. Implementing something or someone who shares their values and work ethic is a priority. Their brand depends on it. Being knowledgeable and proficient in their craft is mandatory.

This can be the difference between a local window film dealer and a national window film dealer. Furthermore, a national company can supply you with the same great service and products anywhere in the country. If you have multiple locations, this is a big one.

How NGS Can Help Your National Business

Now, let’s take a look at our national window film company. NGS is a one-stop shop for window film consultation, products, and installation. We don’t sell you whatever we have in stock or recommend a product you don’t need. Instead, we assess your checklist fully and then mark off each box as we go. Our reputation is fueled by you being happy with the solution, as well as our service long-term.

While NGS is a premier resource for one-off projects, we’re designed to support the needs of other national companies, as a national window film dealer. If you have a chain of businesses in the U.S., you can manage every detail, from window film to architectural finishes and graphics with us. This adds to your bottom line by freeing up your time for more important ventures. You would rather make money than spend it, right? We would like to help you do that.

Our products include window films that can help lower your utility bill and protect your glass from damage. Have you been considering a remodel? We have architectural finishes that can be applied over surfaces to prevent full replacement. Moreover, NGS averages 6,000 installations annually. That’s an immense amount of experience. When it comes to window and architectural film installation, it pays to go national. We’ll leave it up to you to know when.

Ready to learn more? Find an NGS location near you, or join an upcoming 15-minute product demonstration to learn more about our products and services, and how our national window film company can help you achieve your goals and better your building.

NGS Product Demonstration
Hosted by  James Beale
Join our 15-minute virtual product demonstration to learn how our products and services can help you make your buildings better. Plus, watch us put Riot Glass™ to the test with a sledgehammer!

Photo by Parsoa Khorsand on Unsplash

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