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Who We Are

NGS Films and Graphics is the nationwide leader in window films, graphics and signage for commercial, government, medical, retail, transit & hospitality buildings.

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Dedication to Deadlines
  • Attention to Tiny Details
  • Creative & Knowledgeable Expertise
  • Belief in Hard-Fought Success

Mission & Values

At NGS Films and Graphics it is our mission to provide unmatched creativity, excellence and integrity in all that we do.  Our dedication to these core values, along with good, old-fashioned hard work, is what has made us the company we are today.  Ever growing, but never wavering in our commitment, we are always seeking to learn from our customers, our industry and our experiences.

Company Overview

At NGS Films and Graphics, we understand that your time is valuable.  We own your project from start to finish – with no hand-holding required!

With our experienced team there’s no job too big and no terrain too rough.  With NGS on the case, you can rest assured that your job will get done – on time and on budget.

Your space is unique and your choices should be, too, which is why we offer:

Best-in-Class Films, Graphics, And Signage Products

to satisfy a full range of performance, colors, textures, and features

Expert consultants and resources

that clarify thousands of options, so you can make informed, business-savvy decisions

Custom and proprietary solutions

built to fit your exact vision


In 2009, NGS Films and Graphics opened up shop with a lot of window film installation experience, a big goal, and a little idea that would change the window film industry forever:

Customers deserve choices.

Whether a customer needs decorative privacy window film, privacy window film, architectural signage, commercial window film, or a combination of those, they should be able to go to one place to get their needs met. Before NGS hit the scene, the window film industry was very fragmented with  a variety of small companies that only sold specific products in specific service areas. Customers with multiple locations across multiple markets would have to contract with various window film companies and deal with price distortion from market to market. Let alone deal with issues finding continuity in supply to meet their specifications.   Imagine if you had to buy all your food like that. One store would sell Kraft products, another store would sell Nabisco products and you would go to yet another store for your General Mills products.

To us, that seemed like a bad deal for the customer so we set out to break the model.  After four years in business our hard fought success was recognized and we were named the #1 Commercial Window Film Company in the U.S.

Nearly a decade later, our customers’ options have expanded even further: with a single point of contact, NGS clients can access nationwide services for film, graphics, and signage – and they’ll know that everything—and we mean everything—will be taken care of for them. That’s the type of deal we believe companies like yours deserve. Don’t you agree?

Meet The Team

NGS Films+Graphics Founding Partner James Beale

James Beale

Managing Partner

NGS Films+Graphics Founding Partner Patrick Coyle

Patrick Coyle

Managing Partner

Becky Bradley of National Glazing Solutions

Becky Bradley

HR Manager

Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks

National Sales Manager

Scott Burns

Director of Installation Services

Jesse Chase

Jesse Chase

Director of Marketing

Angie Huff of National Glazing Solutions

Angie Druley

VP Retail

Retail Commercial Accounts Manager

Scott Gwaltney

Director of Window Films

Donnie McDaniel

Director of Government

Jennifer Sayers Key accounts Manager National Glazing Solutions

Jennifer Sayers

Director of Graphics Accounts


With NGS, You’re Always Covered

Whether you’re remodeling an old building, building a new one, or sprucing up your space to incorporate attractive, energy-efficient upgrades, NGS Films and Graphics has you covered – Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere.

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