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NGS Films and Graphics Assists Schools with Security Grant Applications

By February 20, 2020December 1st, 2023Building Security, Education, Government, Safety & Security Films, Window Film
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School districts across the nation are improving security measures on their campuses due to an increased number of school gun violence incidents. In 2018, there were 191 incidents – which is more incidents in one year than in the last four decades, according to the Center for Homeland Defense and Security.

Recently, the federal COPS School Violence Prevention Program began accepting applications from school districts. This federal competitive award program provides funding to improve schools through evidence-based school safety programs that include several factors, including placement of deterrent measures such as security film.

NGS Films and Graphics can assist school districts in their application for this program.

Free Download: Safety, Sustainability, and Emergency Preparedness: Grant Funding For Window Films

School Safety Assessments: The First Step in Identification

At no cost, NGS Films and Graphics works with school districts nationwide to provide school safety assessments of windows and entryways. The assessment mirrors the Federal Commission on School Safety’s recommended layered zones.

NGS reviews each school and generates a report that includes recommendations on hardening three areas (or zones) with 3M™ Safety and Security Film and one-way mirror privacy films. The report can be used for grant applications and annual state reporting requirements.

“We work one-on-one with school districts to provide them information they need to be able to move forward with a plan to secure their schools,” said James Beale, managing partner of NGS Films and Graphics. “The report that we produce is designed to mirror the recommendations of the Federal Commission on School Safety. We want to protect our children and teachers and we understand that schools need this type of assessment when determining how to best move forward with securing campuses.”

Procurement Contracts Made Easy

NGS Films and Graphics has made it easier for schools to work with them. They are the only window film installer to have obtained Schedule 84 Contract 47QSWA20D00C from the General Services Administration. They also offer TIPS-USA Contract 190101.

These types of contracting vehicles make it easier for public school districts to work directly with the national company without having to go through lengthy bidding processes.

“Time truly is money when you consider the time invested by procurement staffs for lengthy quote processes. We understand that schools are looking for ways to save time when it comes to securing their schools,” Beale said. “We also know that competitive bid processes are important. That’s why we went through the process to get the TIPS contract and, most recently, the GSA Schedule 84 contract.”

Both procurement vehicles prequalify vendors from a financial and performance standpoint via an extensive quote, bid and prequalification process. “Now that we’ve been through the bid and prequalification process, school districts can easily contract with us because we have met procurement and compliance rules,” Beale said.

3M National Dealer of the Year as a School Partner

NGS Films and Graphics is 3M’s largest window film provider in the United States. The company recently received the 2019 National Dealer of the Year from the St. Paul-based company.

NGS Films and Graphics specialize in the installation of 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film, Ultra Series and 3M™ Impact Attachment Systems in schools. The experience team has developed a field-proven TRI-SHIELD installation method that dramatically improves performance.

In 2019, NGS Films and Graphics partnered with Houston ISD Police to demonstrate the power of the TRI-SHIELD installation. It took more than six minutes to break through the glass – which, in a real world situation, would mean more valuable time for victims to take shelter and for emergency officials to arrive.

Contact NGS Films and Graphics to Assist with the COPS SVPP grant

The federal COPS School Violence Prevention Program is accepting applications for school safety grants from now through 7:59 p.m. on April 8, 2020. School districts will need to have a safety risk assessment and pricing as part of their application.

For more information on how we can help you apply for the COPS School Violence Prevention Program, contact us at (866) 925-2083 or at [email protected].

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