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N.G.S. Becomes Certified Ygrene Energy Contractor

ygrene energy certified contactor

Sustainable building design is perhaps the fastest growing segment of the window film industry. Next to lighting retrofits, window film offers impressive return on investment opportunities that are often overlooked. N.G.S.

Ygrene certified contractor

Ygrene certified contractor

management has allocated range of human and financial resources to develop the firms capability to serve this segment of the industry. N.G.S was one of the first window film companies in the USA to become Ygrene Energy contractor certified and one of a handful of contractors overall to become Energy Pro certified.  Ygrene Energy is an authorized administer for P.A.C.E programs in Sacramento, Miami and Atlanta GA. P.A.C.E stands for property -assessed- clean energy -finance and is a vehicle to allow building owners to finance energy retrofits through equity in their building. Contact an N.G.S. project manager to learn how we can turn-key the energy modeling, project financing and project execution for your building.

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