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“Response time solutions” refer to activities working toward solutions at active shooting or terror situations, generally within schools or public places. Only so much can be done in the interim and during the conflict. Response times can “maybe” be shortened, potential victims be armed or made able to defend themselves, better potential criminal or shooter identification methods can be taught, OR the target can be hardened. At National Glazing Solutions, we understand the value of hardening the target with safety film on all windows and doors and walls/roofs with glass.

Police Magazine’s 10/16/2013 article, “Quicker Response To Active Shooters,” demonstrates the limitations involved in the first three potential solutions mentioned above, and actually lists “hardening the target” first – presumably as a measure to buy the potential victims time and safety.

Safety film is a common sense approach to building safety. It is not bulletproof, but it does, when applied properly, keep glazing from becoming fragmented and falling out of the frame thereby providing a legitimate safety shield when located between a shooter /or terrorist(s) and innocent people. It is the ideal method of helping to harden the target. National Glazing Solutions specializes in safety film, and in helping to increase security and safety in public buildings, especially school structures.

Think about it. Not all that much can be done anytime soon to improve officer response, identify future bad guys, or in the way of arming people within the school, but adding a layer of protection via safety film not only buys time but provides ongoing safety when the bad guy is separated from victims by it.3M, Madico, Solar Gard or TRI-SHIELD Safety film can potentially save lives; and, provides the additional bonus of also protecting against severe weather or careless actions of individuals.

Keep in mind that when responders and law enforcement arrive, the situation remains active for a length of time; rarely are there quick fixes to quell the scene immediately – the victims still need protection! Window film solutions are indeed great solutions for  a variety of physical and personal safety concerns. In this day and age, people in groups certainly need to be protected from their environment and surroundings as much as possible.

National Glazing Solutions is the industry leader in safety film and security innovation for structures of all types. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions. Security [ at]

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