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Your Building.
Riot Proof.

Looting, break-ins, and mass destruction are on the rise, but your store doesn’t have to be next on the list of casualties. Instead, you have the power to make your building riot-proof with Riot Glass from NGS.

Wondering How to Stop Break-Ins?

Retail, government, and commercial building managers are understandably worried. Looting and break-ins are becoming far too frequent – and it only takes a quick glance at any news channel to realize that boarding, roll-down gates, and security window film aren’t enough to stop determined burglars or mobs.

Get Invisible, Impenetrable Protection

With Riot Glass from NGS, you’ll experience the benefits of worry-free, customized security for your retail, government, or commercial location – with no broken glass to clean up, no property damage, no inventory theft, and no entry.

What is it? Riot Glass is a patented framing and clear ArmorPlast shield system made from a combination of polycarbonate and plastics that mechanically anchors to your windows and doors for maximum strength. The framing system comes in anodized clear and bronze, custom fit to your doors and storefront window system to create a protective shield that is always working. (Think: Permanent, clear boarding up.) The panels are scratch-coated, solar UV treated, and extremely durable.

What does it do? Riot Glass stops break-in attempts using sledgehammers, crowbars, knives, pickaxes, bricks, blocks, bats, and more – in short, it stops rioters and looters from getting in.

Does it really work? Riot Glass has proven more effective any other forced entry protection system including boarding, roll-down gates, and security window film. Riot Glass has an umatched success rate in stopping breach attempts and recently passed Miami Dade large missile impact testing protocol.

Riot Glass – The Best Option for Window Security

3M Ultra
Security Film

Entry-Level Minimum Security

3M Ultra security window film and impact protection adhesive slows entry by up to 2 minutes, giving the police time to respond to a security event. Not suitable for riot protection.



Best-in-Class Security Film Solution

3 layers of protection: Strong 3M Ultra film, impact protection adhesive, and exterior security film. Delays break-in attempts by up to 6 minutes, even attempts using bricks or cinder blocks. Not suitable for riot protection.


Riot Glass

Undefeated Maximum Security

Extremely durable “set it and forget it” maximum security solution fits over your existing doors and windows for an invisible, riot-proof shield that blocks break-in and looting attempts.

Relax! Your Building is Safe

See Riot Glass in action – real-life video! Riot Glass can sometimes withstand multiple break-in attempts before requiring replacement because the Riot Glass panels help prevent unsightly glass breakage.

The Power is in Your Hands

Make Your Building Riot Proof

Riot Glass looks like real glass, but it keeps burglars, rioters, and looters from getting in. Best of all, it’s always working as a “set it and forget it” solution, and it’s customized to your glazing system. There’s no reason to wait.