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N.G.S. Continues Expansion in Architectural Finishes Space

3M Dinoc after picture

Before Picture


After 3M Dinoc

Architectural finishes for wall and hard surfaces are gaining momentum in the commercial construction space due to cost, minimal impact on operations, LEED consideration, and the dramatic overhaul in the appearance of a wall, desk or ceiling space. N.G.S. is investing in training multiple additional crews in the specific application of products like 3M Dinoc & Belbien. These products come in wood grain, metal finish and textured finish options that can conform to curved surfaces providing a natural look and feel.  N.G.S was called in to rescue the facade of an I Gorman jewelry store that had another architectural finish installed that had started to discolor and look prematurely aged only months after install. N.G.S project managers identified the appropriate 3M Dinoc wood grain material that matched closely to the original architectural finish that was decaying on the exterior.  The finished product was a rejuvenated looking facade that the client was extremely happy with. N.G.S. has already procured multiple contracts in 2014 for tens of thousands of square feet of architectural finishes on interior surfaces at private and public use spaces that will be published on the website in late spring. Architects and design professionals are encouraged to contact us at 866-925-2083 to discuss potential projects with one of our in house project managers to learn more about the potential of Dinoc & Belbien finishes for new construction, remodel or renovation projects that are looking for high design with a budget in mind.

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