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Can Applied Finishes Redefine Reality?

By January 6, 2022February 18th, 20223M DI-NOC, Architectural Film
3M Di-NOC applied finish redefines reality

Are you interested in exploring the world of applied finishes for your next project? Join us for another guest blog series with the 3M™ DI-NOC™ Guru, Brent Williams, who dives into comparing the use of raw materials versus DI-NOC finishes. Can you redefine reality with this modern-day innovation or are traditional materials still the golden standard? 

What Is Real? Comparing Finished Wood to Applied Finishes

The new marketing slogan for 3M DI-NOC is “realer than real,” but what does that really mean? What is meant by that is that the tonality, texture, and finish of DI-NOC is visually more accurate than most traditional finished materials today. For example, when we use raw wood in architectural or interior design, we typically apply a finish to it, like a varnish, oil, pre-finished veneer, or something similar to bring out the wood’s depth and vibrancy — while giving it some added protection. 

With DI-NOC finishes, you get that rich look of any finished wood species that you can think of without dealing with any of the typical design boundaries that come with working with wood. Imagine working with a cut, ready-to-use finished panel of wood that’s easier to install and more durable. That’s the beauty of working with DI-NOC applied finishes! 

Better Than the “Real” Thing

​​As we touched on briefly in the paragraph above, there are multiple steps involved in finished raw wood to be effectively used in most design scenarios. From sanding to polishing or the dreaded re-finish on outdated wood, finishing wood can be a very complex, messy, long, and expensive process. Think about skipping weeks of cleaning up floating sawdust to getting a pre-finished, affordable, mess-free product installed that looks just like real finished wood. Sounds nice, right? 

Does Material Matter? How Applied Finishes Transcend Wood 

Have you ever wanted to use a specific type of wood that is simply out of your price range or possibly completely unavailable due to being on an endangered species list? When you use DI-NOC film, you can choose from any wood finish style without the high prices or using any endangered resources. If you want your wall or another architectural element to look like it’s covered in rare Honduran Mahogany, you can… without any issues related to the sustainability of that endangered wood. 

Furthermore, when using real wood, you have to deal with its physical limitations. Wood naturally absorbs germs and other liquids into its fibers, and it’s hard to sanitize without causing damage to the integrity of the wood and its finish. DI-NOC wood films are far more durable and easily cleaned. If you wanted to soak DI-NOC in bleach, you could, and it would not lose its appearance or composition. 

Exploring the Design Possibilities of 3M DI-NOC 

When we compare DI-NOC Architectural Finishes to traditionally finished wood, we’ve already seen that DI-NOC™ is: 

  • More durable
  • Entirely waterproof
  • Easier to clean
  • More affordable
  • Quicker to install
  • Construction mess-free. 

We haven’t covered that DI-NOC’s wood grain finishes can be used in places where real wood can’t be. Due to its long-lasting, UV resistant and waterproof structure, you can use a wood finish DI-NOC finish on the exterior of a building, in areas with high humidity, or even in a water feature. In short, you can push the boundaries of design and get the rich appearance of wood virtually anywhere you want. 

While design professionals tend to stick with what they know and default to known materials, there is something significant to be said about adapting to new technologies. In the abstract, using natural wood finishes is similar to using an old, dependable computer model. Sure it still works, but we now have technologies that allow for designs to be realized with ease, versatility, efficiency, and economy. If a chosen DI-NOC finish happens to need updating in five years, you can simply and easily remove and replace it with a new finish. When you are working with natural materials, you could be tearing out, disposing of, and replacing structures for expensive materials every time you want to update your finishes. 

Redefine reality with 3M™ DI-NOC™ from NGS   

If you’re ready to see your idea become a reality with 3M™ DI-NOC™, it’s time to find a licensed professional to consult you on the best options for your project and correctly install the product. At NGS, we have experience installing DI-NOC in a wide array of settings and have managed nationwide projects. Contact us today, or check out our DI-NOC page for more information.

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