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Building Access Denial – Riot Glass

By June 4, 2020June 23rd, 2022Building Security, Safety & Security Films

Best-in-class storefront protection, Riot Glass has an unmatched track record against forced entry attempts.


  • Protects glass and frames to where it has stopped almost all attacks from damaging glass/frames
  • No emergency board up required
  • Comes in anodized clear or bronze frames to blend beautifully with existing storefront (no unsightly expand-a gates or roll downs visible)
  • No maintenance required. Set it and forget it, a clear permanent board up for your stores
  • Being tested later this month for windstorm as we are confident it will pass large missile impact
  • Comes with scratch resistant coating and UV coating, extremely durable
  • 100% success rate, never been breached for any of our clients


Riot Glass is a patented framing & clear ArmorPlast shield system that is a combination polycarbonate and plastics for maximum strength that mechanically anchors to the windows and doors. The framing system comes in anodized clear and bronze and is custom fit to the doors and storefront window system creating a protective shield that is always working (think permanent, clear board up). The panels are scratched coated, solar UV treated and extremely durable. NGS has had a 100% success rate with stopping break in attempts from items like sledgehammers, crow bars, knives, pick axes, and more.

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