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What Is the Social Cost of Carbon?

By August 18, 2021July 15th, 2022Energy Efficiency, Solar Window Film
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The social cost of greenhouse gases, also known as SC-GHG, is when a monetary value is assigned in today’s dollars to the future effects of greenhouse gas emissions released into the environment and how the associated global warming will have real financial consequences in the future (see below). Of particular interest to buildings and electrical production is the CO2 portion of greenhouse gases.

Why the Social Cost of Carbon Matters

In 2021, the Biden Administration set the social cost of carbon to $51 per ton of CO2, with the final value to be determined no later than January 2022. To fully consider the social cost of carbon, you need to factor in all climate change impacts, including changes in agricultural productivity, human health, property damage from increased flood risk and natural disasters, disruption of energy systems, risk of human conflict, and other environmentally important costs of recovery.  Essentially social cost is a tool to look beyond just environmental factors of carbon, but to include specifically how carbon costs (potentially in the form of taxes) will greatly affect the planning for businesses and commercial buildings.

Changing the Game with Energy-Efficient Buildings

The unfortunate reality is that investing in green solutions for your business can be extremely expensive. Everything from solar panels to green transportation and reducing waste will take a lot of time and money. In parallel with doing these things to improve your business’s carbon footprint, we also want to provide you with a simple, cost-effective solution that you can implement now.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Security with Sun Control Window Films
Hosted by  James Beale
Learn how sun control window films help improve building energy efficiency, reduce costs, improve occupant comfort, and increase security.

The Positive Impact of Solar Window Film

Installing solar window film is an affordable option that decreases the amount of energy your building consumes. Not to mention, solar window film is installed quickly with little disruption to your business’s daily operations. When you add 3M™ Sun Control Window Film to your building, your Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) can drop more than 80%.

Riot Glass™ and 3M Sun Control Window Film

At NGS, we’ve developed a system we refer to as “the perfect window,” which maximizes energy efficiency and access denial glazing security. When pairing Riot Glass™ with 3M™ Sun Control Window Film your U-value is reduced by half and the SHGC can be reduced by over 80% compared to clear single pane glass! In doing this, you not only get the added security of our Riot Glass, but this dynamic duo stops cold and heat from leaving and entering your building (depending on the weather conditions.)

How Much Does CO2 Cost Your Business?

Going green can be an overwhelming task for businesses and industrial buildings alike. If you are interested in energy-saving solutions to lower the carbon footprint of your business, NGS is here to find the best options for your unique situation. To explore more on sun control window films, tune in to watch our webinar episode on improving the energy efficiency and security of your building.

What Carbon Taxes Mean for Commercial Buildings
Hosted by  James Beale
Learn how government officials are regulating carbon emissions in commercial buildings, and what you can do to reduce taxes.


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