Never Board Up Again


How to protect your storefronts from forced entry, riots, bomb blasts, windstorms, and seismic events without losing the visibility of glass

Contending with an increase in rioting, smash-and-grab theft, and natural disasters, retailers have been forced to employ a strategy of board up, pull down, repeat. And the catastrophic costs from damages and downtime are detrimental. It’s time to break the costly cycle.

Never board up again with cutting-edge solutions that harden your glass doors and windows without changing the aesthetic or visibility of your glass storefronts.

Watch our webinar to learn how to:

  • Harden your stores’ glass doors and windows without losing the aesthetic look of glass
  • Prevent damage from smash-and-grab, riots, blasts, seismic activity, windstorms, and graffiti
  • Eliminate the cost and headache of traditional methods such as plywood or rolldown gates

Plus, hear first-hand from a prominent retailer about how NGS’ glazing security products are performing in their stores.


NGS Films+Graphics Founding Partner James Beale

James Beale

Founding Partner

James Beale is a leading expert in the window film industry and specializes in helping companies evaluate and implement building envelope technologies. His expertise comes from more than 15 years of industry experience and co-founding NGS, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing window film company. His customer-first approach has helped him become the go-to solar and security window film consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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