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Riot Glass

Riots and looting happen more frequently than anyone would like. If you’re looking for maximum security that has a 100% success rate in stopping break-in attempts for your business or building, look no further than the solution that is literally riot proof: Riot Glass.

Riot Glass is a patented, clear shield with an anchored frame that is installed over the tops of your existing doors and windows. It is more effective than any other riot security method, including boarding, roll-down gates, and safety film. Riot Glass stops sledgehammers, bricks, blocks, bats, and more – in short, it stops rioters and looters from getting in.

With Riot Glass, you’ll experience the benefits of worry-free riot security for your location, with no broken glass to clean up, no property damage, and no entry.

Video Resources

Riot-Proof Your Location

Seeing is believing. Watch these real-life Riot Glass videos and access the additional resources to learn how Riot Glass stops looters, burglars, and rioters in their tracks.

Riot Glass Helps You

Keep Rioters Out

Riot Glass looks like real glass, but it has a 100% success rate at keeping burglars, rioters, and looters from getting in. Plus, it’s affordable and quick to install.

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