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Robert Ross, Principal at Ross Design Inc. had a beautiful home office made in the shade. That is until his neighbor’s tree came crashing down. And with that tree, so went the natural shading for Robert’s office. Suddenly, his desk, which sat beside a 7’ x 30’ window, was fully exposed to the hot Atlanta sun. In the summertime, the glare and heat made it impossible to work after 3:00 PM, but since Robert is an architect, he suspected that new advancements in solar film might be able to provide him with an attractive and affordable solution. “The way Ross Design Inc. sees it, architecture is the art of solving problems beautifully. NGS helped me solve a problem beautifully,” said Robert.


Robert had spent time and effort creating the perfect office, and he needed a shading solution that didn’t limit his views. After looking into solar film on his own, he was ready to abandon the idea of film entirely because it seemed like his only option was to tint his windows. Luckily, that’s when Robert met NGS Films and Graphics. After discussing options and comparing materials, Robert found his perfect solution: crystal clear commercial solar film that effectively reduced heat and glare. “I didn’t want something that would significantly darken the glass. I wanted to maintain transparency and the film did it beautifully,” Robert said. “Most people that come in have no idea it’s there. They’re not amazed at the solar film; they’re amazed at the view. That’s the important point.” The installation had an unexpected benefit too: “NGS even cleaned my windows,” Robert exclaimed. “So much happiness!”

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