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An exterior curtain wall protects the Norton Cancer Institute’s gorgeous, interior glass art wall from the weather, but after energy costs began to skyrocket, the building’s engineers discovered that the glass’s added protection was causing added complications. “When the sun hit that curtain wall, the art glass structure behind it amplified the heat. It was like being behind a magnifying glass,” explained James Beale, Managing Partner at NGS Films and Graphics. The “magnifying glass” effect heated the glass to 120 degrees. Not only did this increase climate control costs, it also endangered the art glass’s integrity. Though the building’s engineers knew a solar film solution would solve their temperature problems, they worried that solar tinting could diminish the beauty of their oneof- a-kind laminated and painted antique glass. The solution became crystal clear with NGS Films and Graphics.


NGS Films and Graphics understood the problem immediately and they knew the exact solution to provide significant temperature reduction and high visibility. After NGS installed a sample of nearly transparent Prestige 70 exterior from 3M, the Norton Cancer Institute experienced a dramatic drop in temperature. “NGS assisted with measurement and verification procedures, and we found that that the film reduced glass temperature by as much as 20 degrees,” James said. “Norton’s engineers were thrilled. They kept saying, ‘This is amazing!’” In addition to beautiful energy savings, the glass film also further beautified the art glass at the Norton Cancer Institute. Because the new window film reduces glare on the exterior curtain wall, the colorful interior glass is now easier than ever to admire.

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