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NGS Films+Graphics Founding Partner James Beale

Founding Partner

James Beale

James studied psychology at West Virginia University before moving to Atlanta and working in the housing and construction industry for over 12 years. James was one of the first in the industry to recognize there was a need to professionalize the customer experience in regards to national commercial clients. James was instrumental in building one of the largest flat glass dealers in the US before branching out and co-founding NGS. NGS’ continued growth is a testament to the core “customer first” values instilled by James at every level of the company.

Get Your Project Covered

With NGS, You’re Always Covered

Whether you’re remodeling an old building, building a new one, or sprucing up your space to incorporate attractive, energy-efficient upgrades, NGS Films and Graphics has got you covered. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. And we’ve got the products to prove it.

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