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What to Look for in 3M™ Window Film Installers

By November 24, 2021November 9th, 2023Safety & Security Films, Smart Window Film, Solar Window Film, Window Film
People standing by a window discussing how to select a 3M Window Film Dealer

There’s a lot to consider when you’re shopping around for quality 3M™ window film installers. Based on the unique needs of your project, you’ll need to know what your dealer is certified to handle, their areas of expertise, and how hands-on they are with consulting and customer service. Let’s start by covering the certification levels of 3M dealers

3M Dealer Certification Levels 

In order to be an authorized dealer of 3M products, you must be certified. There are four levels of certification: Premier, Premier Elite, 3M Certified, and 3M Large Commercial Certified. The first three levels give dealers the ability to sell and install 3M products, each with more training and knowledge than the one before. The fourth level of certification has completed both the 3M Certified and Large Commercial Certified training, which allows them to manage large-scale 3M window film projects. 

Do They Offer a Scope That Meets Your Needs?

The level of certification a 3M window film dealer has correlates to the types of projects they are qualified to take on. For example, if you owned several buildings in an office park or a food chain, you would need to work with a certified commercial window film dealer with the capacity for a big project. In other cases, you may be looking for a window film dealer that specializes in residential installations or automotive, where a commercial dealer would typically not provide service. 

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What Is the Geographic Reach of Your 3M Window Film Dealer? 

There are going to be limitations as to where your window film provider can offer their services. While some providers have national reach, others are limited to a smaller geographical area based on the size of their team, certification level, and the number of locations they have. 

Are They Credible? 

Before hiring anyone who provides a service, you need to research their credentials. A credible business operation should always be licensed, insured, and bonded. Meaning, they acquired the proper licensing to perform their business, the necessary insurance policies, and the additional coverage with an insurance bond. A lot of states require window film companies to be licensed as a sub specialty trade in the state. Make sure you’re working with a company that is licensed to do work in the state where the work is being performed.

Another way to analyze how reputable a business is is by reading their customer reviews online and checking if they have any awards or mentionable service references. 

What Degree of Customer Service Do They Provide? 

When you’re taking on a large project, you’ll need to work with a certified window film dealer that can do more than just install your film. There are so many high-level things that should be addressed during the decision process, like building envelope security, building modeling, and energy engineering. All of these factors can determine the resilience, safety, energy efficiency, and aesthetic of your building. When you’re working with a 3M window film dealer with a higher level of certification, you get access to their advanced knowledge base and consultation services. 

NGS: The Leading US Commercial 3M Window Film Dealer 

If you’re looking for a 3M window film dealer that can take on expansive projects, NGS is 3M Large Commercial Certified and the leading commercial dealer in the country (3M Window Film Large Markets Dealer of the Year 2019, 2020). With experience and credibly from major projects such as the Atlanta International Airport, Holiday Inn, and Dollar Tree, and our coast to coast coverage, we are ready to help you with your next 3M Window Film project. With our responsive and reliable service, you can rest easy knowing we’ll do everything to ensure your project is handled with precision and care – from ground floor to glass ceiling.

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