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TRI-SHIELD (security film) installation and performance video series published

TRI-SHIELD Video series

NGS launches a 2 part video series designed to educate & demonstrate safety & security film application, TRI-SHIELD, along with wetglaze and Z profile attachment system from Madico Inc.  The first video is the demonstration video which discusses the application and test specimens that the forced entry simulation will be performed on. This video titled “Safety Window Film Forced Entry Education & Demonstration” delivers a comprehensive and transparent explanation of forced entry applications with a focus on TRI-SHIELD in order to  educate design/ construction and commercial property professionals about safety & security film applications for forced entry protection.

The next video in the series titled “Safety-Security film & Attachment System Installation Tutorial” reviews the tools, techniques and products necessary to properly install heavy gauge security films and attachment systems. The video is the first in a planned series to build a safety film certification program for TRI-SHIELD & heavy gauge film installations to establish a much needed standard in a fragmented industry.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next video & blog updates from the pros at National Glazing Solutions LLC

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