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TRI-SHIELD Manu-Spec & Technical Documents Released


National Glazing Solutions technical team is proud to release the TRI-SHIELD advanced anti-intrusion system MANU-SPEC®  and supporting technical documents for architects and specifiers immediate use. This MANU-SPEC®  specifies security glazing film manufactured by National Glazing Solutions, LLC. Revised MANU-SPEC® section number and title below to suit project requirements, specification practices and section content. This MANU-SPEC®  also utilizes the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Project Resource Manual (PRM), including MasterFormat™, SectionFormat™ and PageFormat™. A MANU-SPEC is a manufacturer- specific proprietary product specification using the proprietary method of specifying applicable to project specifications and master guide specifications. Supporting information and technical documents can be found and downloaded from the REED Construction data site: “ADVANCED SECURITY WINDOW FILM”. Additional test and case study information can be requested from security (at) or calling 866.925.2083 x 801. Learn more today about TRI-SHIELD and why schools, national retailers and GOV buyers are choosing TRI-SHIELD.

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TRI-SHIELD spec data


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