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Wright Investments, Inc. has spent the past 30 years specializing in hotel renovations that enhance hotel brands and update franchise locations. Headquartered in Cordova, Tennessee, Wright Investments has 26 locations with offices stretching as far west as Wyoming, as far south as Florida, and as far north as Connecticut.

When Wright Investments was called in to update a Holiday Inn in Alexandria, VA, they ran into a unique challenge.

“The 40-year-old window glass was tinted in an outdated bronze color, and it turned out that the bronze tint was sandwiched between two layers of laminated glass so we couldn’t remove it,” said Jason Goins, Vice President of Construction for Wright Investments, Inc.

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Wright Investments, Inc. | Jason Goins, Vice President of Construction


Outdated bronze tint stuck between two layers of window glass added unexpected complications and costs when Wright Investments, Inc. sought to modernize a Holiday Inn hotel.


Wright Investments not only paid 900% less for energy-efficient window films from NGS Films and Graphics, they received bend-over-backwards service that resulted in a rebate from the power company.


Wright’s client, Holiday Inn, now has a modernized, attractive exterior and a cost-saving, energy-efficient interior for significantly less than they would have paid without the film. Wright Investments has a new go-to partner they can trust to help them lower costs so they can better negotiate client proposals.


When Jason saw the quote for complete window replacement (reglazing), he knew the price tag would exceed Holiday Inn’s remodeling budget. After asking around, he was referred to NGS Films and Graphics.

Jason didn’t like the idea of window film because he had run into film application failures before, such as air bubbles, curling, and scraping. However, “We heard that that these guys [NGS] were very good, so we called them for a quote,” he said.


“After we called James [Beale from NGS Films and Graphics], he walked through the entire hotel to inspect the glass, and his quote was 900% less than the cost of reglazing,” stated Jason.

James suggested applying a reflective film on the interior of the windows, which would save on energy costs, provide privacy for the room’s occupants, and also disguise the outdated bronze tinting without having to replace the windows.

“We put three samples on three windows so we could pick out the best,” Jason said. The samples were all in different levels of tint so they could show how the tint changed natural lighting in the rooms as well as the exterior appearance,” Jason said. “The reflective film from NGS modernized the exterior of the hotel in a way we didn’t expect,” Jason continued.


Then NGS found a way to save Wright Investments even more money.

“James used his contacts to help us enroll in an energy-savings initiative that offered us a cash rebate for a percentage of the installation cost. James filled out all the paperwork himself, and two months later we got our rebate check,” stated Jason.

The rebate program, offered by Edison Power, provided the hotel with a reimbursement of 25% of the utilities’ cost as a reward for installing energy-efficient film. The hotel also saved on overall energy costs because the western facade of the hotel got sun for approximately half the day, which increased cooling prices on that half.

A third area for cost savings came in the form of reduced wear and tear on the hotel’s interior. Because the sun had been streaming in, the UV and other non-visible light would have damaged the hotel’s furnishings, carpeting, and drapes if they hadn’t installed the energy-efficient film.


NGS completed more than 600 windows in 30 days. Their fast turnaround and personalized service has made them a great partner for Wright Investments. “As we look at other properties in the future, having the ability to offer reliable window tinting can solve client budgeting restraints, turning a non-feasible project into a feasible project that the client will agree to,” Jason said.

He continued, “When we first contacted NGS, we were looking for a cost-saving alternative to replacing all the windows, which would look attractive, be easy to install, and stay in budget. With the NGS team and their reflective films, I think we got it done.”

“NGS was very responsive and very professional. They stayed on top of the ball and delivered on schedule and at cost, handling every issue professionally.”

-Jason Goins, Vice President of Constructions, Write Investments, INC.

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