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Case Study

NGS Delivers Fast, Custom Solutions for COX Enterprises

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When Hendrick architecture firm chose an off-theshelf window film that matched the spandrel glass for the Cox Enterprise headquarters in Atlanta, it turned out that the film’s trellis pattern was too extreme for a large installation. “The film was making people dizzy,” explained James Beale, Managing Partner at NGS Films and Graphics. “It had to go.” Since the off-the-shelf solution wouldn’t work, Hendrick chose to work closely with NGS Films and Graphics to develop custom film. The late start on the project shortened delivery timelines, which meant NGS would have to create a unique design quickly. Subsequent production and installation would be on a tight schedule too. NGS Films and Graphics was up to the task.


After producing a total of 10-15 design iterations in only a few months, NGS faced a demanding installation schedule with ever-escalating deadlines. To ensure that the project stayed on track, NGS independently collaborated with the other on-site contractors to meet the many challenging aspects of a dynamic schedule that was in constant flux. In total, NGS provided deadline-driven, end-to-end service for 60,000 ft2 of fully unique, one-of-a-kind film and graphics for Cox’s headquarters, including custom production with Pantone color matching. “The project’s constantly shifting deadlines meant we needed to keep a scalable flow of installers on call at all times,” James explained. “That day-to-day change may have been difficult for other window film companies, but NGS has built a reputation on being flexible for our clients and committing to their deadlines. It’s why we’re known for seamless project management.”


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