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Four Reasons You Should Use Rapid Refinishing

By August 17, 20213M DI-NOC
Di Noc Surface Film Kitchen

To start our monthly guest blog series, the 3M™ DI-NOC™ Guru, Brent Williams, will discuss the greatest benefits of using architectural film in your next remodeling project. Join Brent as he breaks down the four critical reasons for using rapid refinishing.

1. Using Non-Traditional Finishes in Difficult Situations

Let’s begin with reason number one! When we talk about using non-traditional finishes in difficult situations, we mean that rapid refinishing with 3M DI-NOC architectural film can do the virtually impossible.

For Example…

In high-humidity environments, you can’t typically use materials like wood because they will rot or otherwise fail. However, let’s say you wanted your indoor water feature to look like oak. With 3M DI-NOC, you can cover plastics, aluminum or stainless steel to make them look just like oak, with the durability it needs to withstand a wet environment.

Another great example is using rapid refinishing somewhere with extreme outdoor weather conditions, like Florida, Texas, and Arizona. You could wrap aluminum pool columns or other outdoor structures to look like marble for a fraction of the cost and avoid all the wear and tear of using raw materials…all while creating the look and feel of a natural surface that could not typically be used in that kind of harsh environment.

2. Ease of Deployment

The second critical reason for using rapid refinishing in your construction project is its ease of deployment. We all know the challenges of hiring contractors for a project and getting that project done on time and within budget. You can call them up and find out that you can’t even schedule to start your project for another four months. When you begin the project, you will likely have to shut down the entire area they are working on due to the noise and construction mess.

How Does 3M DI-NOC Change This Scenario?

With the use of architectural films, crews can work at night or during business hours without shutting your floor down and halting productivity. What’s even better is (unlike typical construction) we can install the DI-NOC film entirely by hand, keeping our noise, dust and hassle levels to a minimum. Finally, we can transform your space in a fraction of the time that a construction crew completing a remodel would require… and at significantly less cost and disruption.

3. Cleanliness of Installation

The third reason that rapid refinishing is a great alternative to traditional construction is the overall cleanliness of the installation. After waiting months for the project to be done in your building and spending plenty of money on it, the last thing you want to deal with is sawdust on every surface and circulating through your HVAC systems. With architectural film, we can not only install with quick turnaround times but there is virtually no mess.

Why Cleanliness Matters During Installation

Healthcare is a great example of why cleanliness matters during installation. Unlike other facilities, they can’t just close down their operations for weeks during renovations. Not to mention, cleanliness is a significant concern for patients when you are remodeling in a healthcare setting. We can work day or night with our products, keep their floors functioning, install them quickly and quietly, and avoid the dreaded construction clean-up. Also, by using architectural films, complete refinishing of patient rooms, nursing stations and many other elements in the healthcare environment can be accomplished with staff on duty and patients in adjacent rooms…without disrupting your staff’s workflow.

4.  Zero Downtime

Time is money, right? 3M DI-NOC™ gives businesses the chance to remodel their space with zero downtime. No company wants to be kicked out of their office space for weeks or months on end. Beyond the fact that it is an inconvenience, it can also seriously impact productivity. With 3M architectural finishing products, we can avoid all the tear-down and rebuilding that comes with your average remodeling job, all while installing the product during business hours with little to no interruption.

Transforming Your Space with Rapid Refinishing

The best part about working with architectural finishes is transforming a space at an affordable price with endless style options. There is so much flexibility in the design and construction process that you can have the best of both worlds. As styles recycle over the years, 3M DI-NOC can easily be removed to uncover the original surfaces in your space. Using 3M architectural film is also a more eco-friendly and durable solution than utilizing natural traditional materials. 

Stay Tuned for More NGS Guest Blog Features

If you enjoyed this monthly guest blog from Brent Williams, stay tuned as we roll out more expert advice from the 3M DI-NOC Guru in the coming months. For more information on how architectural finishes can transform your space, click here to read our recent blog post or watch our on-demand webinar, “Total Transformation: Take Any Architectural Surface from Blah to Ah with 3M DI-NOC.”

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