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Safe at Work Package

Safe at Work turnkey graphics and sneeze guard packages promote hygienic behaviors that help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens. Turnkey graphics packages feature high-quality graphics with social distancing instructions, hygienic recommendations for coughing and handwashing, and off-limits area notifications – all delivered with a quick turnaround that helps you reopen your business or building quickly and safely.

Each affordable package is tailored to meet specific area-based needs for your location. Tape and signage packages help mark off correct social distancing procedures in walkways, lobbies, offices, cafeterias, and registers. Restroom packages additionally include step-by-step handwashing instructions. Elevator packages instruct passengers to select their floor using disposable swabs.

In areas where social distancing is impossible, the Essential line of Sneeze Guards from NGS offer a low-cost solution to block transmission of airborne pathogens. Sneeze Guards are the perfect solution for shared workstations, call centers, and cash registers. Stand-alone, wall-mount, full-frame, and transaction pass-through models are available. Premium Sneeze Guards from NGS are fully customizable and come with a multitude of frame and configuration options that feature an attractive, unobtrusive design engineered to be distraction-free.

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Resources to help you stay safe at Work

Get the facts on how you can keep your workplace and building safe with the resources below.
Want more information? Contact NGS. Protecting people is our mission.


Stay Safe at Work

Keep your location safe for your reopening and beyond with turnkey graphics and Sneeze Guard packages from NGS. TIPS members receive an additional 10% off all turnkey graphics and Sneeze Guard packages!

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