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Privacy is a requirement shared across all modern industries.  From security zones for government buildings to active shooter protection for elementary schools, and from guest rooms and conference areas in hotels to patient exam rooms in all medical establishments, privacy is a top-priority issue. 

Film creates an affordable privacy option for all industries and all purposes. Your options for 3M privacy window film range all the way from 3M White Matte Translucent Film, which delivers a frosted privacy window film, to 3M Blackout Film or even a decorative privacy window film like 3M Mirror Film, which is a one-way privacy window film. 

Looking for smart window film? Privacy window film is a great solution. Get high-tech Smart Film that changes from clear to a white opaque window film with just a simple tap on your smartphone, or get films that filter only the light from a TV screen from outside a conference room (Casper Cloaking Film). You can even get films that change their transparency depending on the angle you view them from (View Control Films).

With the nearly unlimited range of privacy films available from the #1 Commercial Window Film experts at NGS, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Browse through the Privacy Film brochures, product specs, videos, and photos below to learn more! Your perfect Privacy Film solution awaits — and NGS has got you covered. 

Put Privacy Film to work for your business. Contact us today to get your project started!