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Office space design trends that keep worker bees buzzing

By September 8, 2016February 16th, 2021Commercial Property Owner, Decorative Film and Branding Graphics, News
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Office space design trends that keep worker bees buzzing

The right office environment matters more than ever as Millennials stream into the workforce.  Great spaces attract the best employees and keep them happy and productive.

Window films & NGS printed graphics are a cost-effective tool in providing the warm fuzzies today’s employees need to bring cold, hard cash to the bottom line.  See how window films can keep you current with these five trends.

  1. Open up

Open spaces, at work and at home, have been a trend for so long that they have really become the standard. Let in as much natural light as possible into your open spaces and consider removing any walls that block it. You can “control” the light by choosing different window films that let in more or less light depending on what you need where.

  1. Make yourself at home

Offices are starting to feel more like you’re in someone’s house. The drab rows of desks and columns of metal filing cabinets are slowly fading from view. To make your space feel more like a house, add family-style furniture like long farm tables with benches.  Keep the flow flexible, so tables and chairs can be moved around as needed.

  1. Get in touch with your feelings

(The tactile kind.) Adding texture adds warmth, dimension and personality, especially in open spaces with a homey atmosphere. Get ideas for mixing and matching textures from interior design blogs and magazines. Take a stroll over to the NGS gallery to see the hundreds of different projects utilizing custom and off the shelf decorative & printed films.

  1. Turn it inside out… and outside in

The outside is coming into the office through open spaces and natural light. But the trend doesn’t stop there. Natural stones and woods are appearing on floors, counter tops and walls. Subtle floral patterns are growing in upholstery and wallpaper. If flowers aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Modern approaches suggest woodsy surroundings without overpowering the flower-phobic. Products like 3M’s DINOC and Belbien can be installed on most any smooth surface to emulate the look of stone or, metal or wood.

  1. Don’t keep up with the Jones’s

Keeping up with office space design trends keeps you looking fresh and welcoming to both your employees and your important visitors. But don’t forget that your space should always reflect your brand, even as tastes change. With today’s specialty graphics, brand identify elements printed on film can be incorporated liberally—and tastefully—into a less “corporate” environment.

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