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N.G.S. Purchases New HQ in King Plow Arts Center

By October 18, 2013News
King Plow arts center atlanta

National Glazing Solutions LLC is proud to announce its recent investment in the City of Atlanta’s historic West Midtown at the King Plow Arts Center. The King Plow Arts Center is a nationally registered historic building and

King Plow Arts Center

King Plow Arts Center

houses a wide mixture of cultural, design and production companies and professionals. N.G.S. managing partners James Beale & Patrick Coyle felt it was time to invest in a space in the city to bring the company into the pulse of the design & construction community. The location also allows N.G.S. employees to easily access the airport from the office as well as all the major design and  construction firms that dot the map in Atlanta. The space is located at 981 Jospeh E lowery BLVD, NW STE 106 Atlanta GA 30318 and is currently under renovation and slated for a grand opening in January 2014.

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