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The Latest and Greatest 3M™ Fasara™ Patterns

Fasara Stone Line

Every year, 3M™ introduces approximately one hundred new decorative window film options to their Fasara™ line. That’s a lot! But as the international leader in this industry, they are determined to provide the latest in window films and design. Once again, they have succeeded in delivering on that promise.

This year’s reveal included some stunning options that would bring the most well-seasoned interior designer to their knees. Yes, they were just that stunning!

First and foremost, this is an elegant black and white-themed line of decorative films with a modern edge. It can be used to add privacy on glass walls within an office space, or added to lobby spaces, elevators, conference rooms, or retail locations.

New 3M FASARA Patterns in 2022

Inspired by Japanese paper artistry, the new line is delicate, yet dynamic. Capturing the essence of unique and natural designs, 3M has once again supplied us with timeless inventiveness. The 2022 line of architectural films surpasses anything that we have seen before.

The 2022 Fasara series is available in Pop, Mist, Oval, Natural, and more. Bringing the outside in affords the client an experience of nature and tranquility indoors. Surrounding yourself with luxurious finishes ensures a lifestyle of peace and joy that cannot be otherwise obtained. The new Fasara series delivers fully on that.


We adore the sheerness of this pattern. The brushstrokes of simplicity draw you in and you can’t help but want to touch it. The texture of these coverings is both smooth and compelling. You will be mesmerized. And so will your clients.

Available in black or white, the fabric line is 21st  Century chic, and then some. The monochromatic colors in no way take away from their intense impact. Instead, they seem to elevate the space in a dramatic manner. Exchanging colors within the space seasonally, with accessories, will ensure a fresh take year after year.


The Pop series includes varied displays of… dots. From uniform to sporadic, options to meet your personality are at your fingertips. From playful to contemporary, the Pop line is full of refreshing choices.

Fasara Dots


This polka dot series is sure to deliver on your love of all things fun. You can surround yourself with a feeling of spring rain or a dusting of snow. Bringing the outdoors in is most evident in this line. It does not disappoint!


The Natural series replicates natural stones such as granite and quartz. Two of the options, also available in both black and white, strike a hypnotic resemblance to quartz. Somehow, it’s even more reminiscent of nature’s own in colors that aren’t available naturally.

Fasara Stone Line

Fasara Stone Line

Ideal for bathrooms, this decorative film covers stalls seamlessly and is pleasant to the touch. This series is sure to impress visitors. Moreover, it will set our clients apart from any mundane norms of yesteryear.


Stripes have long been a popular trend, particularly in design. But the new 3M Fasara designs have managed to take this element to a new level. By utilizing both uniformity and expressions of nature, the new Stripes series adds an elevation of privacy and sophistication to any office space.

Fasara Frosted Ice

Fasara Frosted Ice

It feels like modern art while maintaining a refinement all of its own. Expressions of the outdoors can be seen in numerous options while others depict a more structured format. Either way, the latest in stripes from the Fasara series is sure to bring a smile to the face of any line-loving connoisseur.

3M FASARA is the future of design

You can add an element of chic to your space by implementing any of these premier design features from the Fasara 2022 series. Better yet, follow our lead and implement as many of your favorites as you would like! After all, “too much of a good thing” isn’t really true. You know what is best for you.

Additional depictions of the 2022 Fasara line can be found here. Or, contact us if you would like to order any of the beautiful new 3M FASARA decorative window films.

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