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Is Security Window Film Worth It?

By October 5, 2022Safety & Security Films
Broken Glass illustrating the need for security window film

When asking the question, “Is security window film worth it” there are several thoughts that come to mind. The first is do you value your employees and clients? Secondly, how much revenue are you losing as a result of smash-and-grabs? The danger that comes to those individuals during a robbery is real. Thirdly, do you believe in protecting your assets?

All of these questions may help you conclude whether or not installing window security film is worth it to you. In our experience it always is. Even the most remote businesses are prone to break-ins. Rural areas can hide a team of thieves far better than the bright lights of a busy city.

Whereas most theft and crime do happen in inner-city environments, no location is perfectly safe. Implementing window safety and security window film systems can only protect your property and people. And that is a top priority for us all.

Security Window Film Protects Lives

If we are being honest, nothing is more important than protecting the lives of others. Whether it is your staff that feels like family, or your clients that are your bread and butter – ensuring their safety should be a priority. We all want to be as safe as possible in our everyday lives.

Security window film does this in a multitude of ways. By holding the glass together if there is a gross impact, window film helps prevent spalling. This term refers to the shards of glass that fly through the air when a window or door has been broken. These projectiles can and do cost people their lives. At the very least they will scar.

Additionally, certain levels of security window film can prevent high impacts – such as a gunshot or blunt objects from penetrating the glass. In doing so, the security film has potentially saved a life.

Security Window Film Protects Business Assets

Every business is a monetary investment in and of itself, whether we own the building or not. As civil unrest grows, locations are often vandalized without the intent of theft. But that violence still results in business owners losing money.

No matter what your business is you have assets. Computers, furnishings, and supplies all add up. Now add into that equation inventory – products you may sell. This compiles your business investment.

There is no worse way to learn to protect our assets than to lose them. It pays to be proactive, particularly when it comes to glass. Everyone can agree that glass is the weakest link in any building. But we need those windows and doors for light and entry.

The good news in this scenario is that there are numerous monetary benefits to installing safety and security window film. One is that many insurance policies provide discounts for businesses that have implemented these security measures.

Another, more obvious benefit is that if would-be criminals can’t breach the building, they can’t steal from it. Many security films hold glass together even if it is broken. That’s right. Some safety and security window film actually holds shards of glass together within the frame. Thus, would-be thieves can’t break through the glass to enter the business. Consequently, your belongings stay intact.

Security Window Film Reduces Loss of Operations and Downtime

One of the gravest frustrations of business projects is unplanned downtime. Losing revenue because you are forced to close is nobody’s success plan. This is unavoidable when your business has been broken into and glass windows or doors are left broken. Suddenly your inventory and furnishings are exposed to the world.

One of the wisest investments you can make as a business owner is implementing security window film. If you can delay or avert forced entry into your business, then you have won. By avoiding theft, as well as damage to glass entries, you have avoided a loss in revenue as a result of unwanted downtime.


As we grow ever weary of escalating violence, taking action can help us feel empowered in an often-powerless situation. Security films are available in various levels of “intensity”. You can choose according to your risk level.

Ultimately, most business owners see the value in securing their facility. It doesn’t matter if it’s a storefront or a commercial building. You have valuable assets, not to mention human beings inside. Ensuring that everything and everyone is safeguarded is just smart business. So yes, safety and security window film is worth the investment.

For more information on security window film, watch our webinar below.

Protect People and Property with Safety and Security Window Film
Hosted by  James Beale
Learn how 3M Safety and Security Window Film can help you increase building security, reduce loss from theft and property damage, protect and mitigate damage from human impact, glass breakage, intrusion, blast mitigation, seismic activity, windstorm, and graffiti.


Feature Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel

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