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Attractive building design, like beauty, must be more than skin deep. Buildings may have all the right lines and curves to draw attention, but projects that aim to stand the test of time require a genuine, creative quality that deepens their appeal.

They need one-of-a-kind solutions that meet client needs exactly.

Unfortunately, coming up with truly unique ideas means you need to know all your options. And since the options for energy efficiency, ecologically friendly building upgrades, and engaging interiors keep changing, it can be hard to keep up.

Unless you have the experts at NGS Films and Graphics on your team. NGS has a dedicated team of continuing education professionals that deliver both onsite & webinar accredited presentation for:

Solar window film
Safety and security window films
Decorative and specialty window film

Our team works with architects regularly to identify & source the right window film, graphics or signage solution for the most challenging projects. Looking for LEED credits and sustainable design? Let NGS’ team of experts help you navigate through the noise to get the right materials and the related LEED credits, rebates or data required.

Get more information on products and projects, including everything from bare-naked facts and numbers to tell-all true tales of ultimate client satisfaction. You know you’re curious.

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