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Increase Brand Trust With Custom Printed Graphics

By July 14, 2022October 14th, 2022Floor Graphics, Wall Wraps and Graphics
Modern interior office room with customer printed graphics from NGS

Successful twenty-first-century businesses begin with a purposeful brand. Effectively executing that brand to the public at large ensures that your message is reaching the masses. This combined with a strong business plan equates to long-term success. What is the best thing you can do to ensure brand breakthrough? Implement custom printed graphics!

Each brand has its own vibe. That energy, when fostered, can build momentum that increases brand trust. Promoting your brand in creative and fun ways is a powerful way to create brand loyalty.

Brand recognition is a powerful tool that affords businesses top-tier patronage. But the last thing any business owner wants to battle is bubbling or peeling graphics or signage. It’s bad for business. More importantly, it does nothing to benefit or improve brand trust. Quality workmanship is imperative when implementing branding.

The good news is that there are premier graphics and signage providers that can and will ensure the quality of your branding. Whether you are applying graphics to brick and mortar or pressed board, there is the right product for your graphic art.

Brick and Mortar Graphics

There is a craftmanship to applying graphics to brick, concrete, or stucco. Textured surfaces in general can be intensely challenging when it comes to custom vinyl decals. It helps to have a quality graphic wrap intended for these textured surfaces that can be used on both flat and curved objects.


3M™ offers several vinyl wall decal options: 8624 with luster Lam, General Formulations 285 with luster laminate, and 3M 480C + lam are all premier quality and leave a lasting impression of your brand. Essentially, these series are made to be applied to these challenging surfaces. Moreover, these custom vinyl decals are ideal for stadiums, restaurants, retail stores, and more.

Low Surface Energy Graphics

LSE (low surface energy) graphics are designed to adhere to plastic surfaces, as well as most powder-coated metals and some composite panels. They are ideal for large wall murals, interior or exterior vehicle graphics, signs, emblems, and more. LSE graphics like 3M™ Controltac™ have a pressure-activated repositionable adhesive that allows repositioning of graphics and affords fewer issues long term.

Custom vinyl decals are also waterproof. Consequently, they can withstand exterior elements far better than other options that are not vinyl. Vinyl decals are popular for outdoor use, particularly for storefronts. Seasonal sales are great opportunities to implement custom printed graphics.

Glass Graphics

Glass graphics are ideal for point-of-purchase displays, nameplates, decals, glass surfaces, and more. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, including short-term promotions or long-term signage. Commonly used for exhibits, particularly at trade shows, glass graphics are also well-suited for architectural applications.

Flat Glass printed graphics are used with outstanding results for displays, exhibits, signage, and more. You can also use certain Flat Glass vinyl decals for nameplates, die-cut letters, and point-of-purchase displays. If you want to promote your brand on virtually any surface, there is an option to do so.

Drywall Graphics

Drywall can be boring. But it doesn’t have to be. Blank walls often beg for attention with a burst of color and a custom vinyl decal. It can be most impactful when you create signs with directions, print quotes, or promote company culture.

You can easily enhance or brand your building’s interior and exterior walls with custom printed graphics. If you can imagine it, we can achieve it. Color, texture, and design are at your fingertips for creating an environment in which others can feel inspired. What’s stopping you?

Custom Printed Graphics

The best thing about implementing custom printed graphics in your design is finding inventive solutions for the little things that pop up. Commercial and retail floors and stairs are often forgotten. Yet, they are ideal opportunities for branded graphics.

Moreover, you can use this floorspace for directions, or entertainment. Interesting or relatable quotes keep people engaged. Customers like to return to spaces where they smile and have a memorable experience. Be ingenious when designing floor decals. Have fun with it! The following case studies did just that with dynamic results.

Case Studies

Tilly’s is a company with a young-adult audience.  Having created a 30-year reputation of quality products, they were having difficulty with their store graphics peeling off the wall and bubbling.

NGS recommended the product, TexWalk, for Tilly’s. It has a textured vinyl adhesive that can transform almost all surfaces and provide additional branding opportunities. Not only will it not bubble or peel, but the material’s texture adds a realistic element that you won’t find with traditional vinyl.

Click here to read the full case study.

Hudson News

Hudson News is a highly successful retail chain with stores in airports and transportation terminals throughout North America. They desired eye-catching graphics that would pull in customers in busy terminals with numerous options for shopping. Hudson news understands that a brand opportunity can and does leave a lasting impression.

This project had a tight deadline. It required manufacturing custom film that featured Hudson’s unique blue-on-blue swirl graphic and installation in under a day. NGS fulfilled this obligation and Hudson News’ reputation for premier quality and service in airports across America continues.

 Click here to read the full case study.


NGS Films and Graphics was contracted by a sign company working with the GSA to produce and install both signage and custom graphics. After an initial walkthrough with the General Services Administration, NGS sent over and pre-installed wall decal samples for comparison. This allowed the GSA to ensure all visual requirements would be met prior to the final install.

“Their very hands-on and collaborative approach helped us to make smart materiality decisions,” said Liz. The office’s column signage required that the massive custom graphics aligned with existing architectural features. As the building’s VOC paint didn’t allow for repositioning, NGS had to get the installation right on the first try.

Click here to read the full case study.

Beautify Your Building With Printed Graphics from NGS

As you can see in our case studies, every scenario is different and has a special set of circumstances. At NGS, we take great pride in rising to the occasion for all of our clients. No matter what your branding needs, we can use graphics to convey your level of expertise, on almost any surface. Test us!

If you want to learn more about all that we do at NGS, register for an upcoming product demonstration. We are considered a one-stop shop in the contractor world for graphics, signage, window film, and more.

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