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How to Make Your Building Energy Efficient with Solar Window Film

By August 18, 2021January 11th, 2022Energy Efficiency, Solar Window Film
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How Can I Make My Windows More Energy Efficient?

As 3M’s largest window film contractor, we know the ins and outs of window film solutions. If you are looking for ways to make your building more energy-efficient, we are here to walk you through the benefits of using solar window film solutions.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Security with Sun Control Window Films
Hosted by  James Beale
Learn how sun control window films help improve building energy efficiency, reduce costs, improve occupant comfort, and increase security.

What Is Solar Window Film?

Solar film, also known as sun control window film, is a durable film constructed with high-performance solar-rejecting layers and scratch-resistant coating that is applied to windows using either integrated clear dry adhesive (CDA) or pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). Some films contain working metallic coatings (metalized), while others have no metals (non-metalized) and are safe for 5G cell phone signals. Non-metalized infrared (IR) rejecting films can even be nearly invisible while rejecting as much as 97% of the IR energy and 99% of the UV rays which are the leading cause of fading.

Solar film can be applied to the interior or exterior of your windows to match any design aesthetic, desired look, or interior access restrictions. Some of the tinting options range from clear to highly reflective, and everything in-between.

The Benefits of Solar Window Film

The U.S. Department of Energy noted that a significant amount of solar heat gain can be reduced by the application of solar window film. They also conducted a study that found that among the top 50 commercially available energy conservation technologies, solar window film is a top-tier technology with one of the fastest payback rankings (approximately 3 years) and the highest probability of success due to ease of installation.

Beyond that, there are even more benefits to using solar film than just cutting energy costs. Here are just a few:

  • Decreased strain on HVAC systems
  • Improved building appearance
  • Improved occupancy comfort
  • Low cost and occupant disruption during installation
  • Significantly reduced landfill waste compared with window replacement
  • Options for reduced glare and eye strain
  • Privacy solutions to reduce visibility from outside the building
  • Reduced risk of fading

What Solar Window Film Products are Available?

Our Solar Control window film products include:

  • Ceramic Film: Made with nanotechnology, our ceramic film is excellent at preventing fading without being reflective
  • Dual Reflective Film: Dual reflective window films give you the best of both worlds with high solar heat rejection from a mirrored exterior performance on the outside of the glass but an interior coating that reduces reflectivity for improved night-time views..
  • Low E Film: 3M Thinsulate 75 can reduce heat loss in the colder months by up to 40%, reject up to 47% of the total solar energy in the warmer months, and improve performance to almost dual-pane level
  • Spectrally Select: If you want to maintain the look of natural glass and outside lighting, this is the film for you. It still works well on blocking excessive infrared (IR) heat and UV rays, but you can select the level of natural light tinting that works best for your space.

Dual-Function Solar and Security Window Film

Window film can do much more than lower your energy bill. We have dual-function solar and security window films to keep your building protected from civil unrest, harsh weather conditions, forced entry, and more.

While you are lowering your building’s energy costs and improving its aesthetics, investing in better building perimeter security in tandem is a win-win.

Improve energy efficiency and add an extra layer of protection! It’s essential to understand your building’s safety concerns, so you can select the best safety and security window film solutions for your property. Some of the most popular products we carry include:

  • 3M™ Ultra S25 Dual Function Solar and Security – Designed for interior use, our 3M Safety Films Ultra contains a multilayer framework with advanced nanotechnologies. This custom layer makes the window film 40 times more tear-resistant than your average security film. In addition to its security features, layers of sun protection are built in to reduce solar heat gain.
  • TRI-SHIELD®  – NGS’s anti-intrusion window film system, TRI-SHIELD is an ideal cost-effective solution for delaying forced entry into your building.
  • Riot Glass™ – This patented framing and clear ArmorPlast shield system is made from a combination of polycarbonate and framework that mechanically anchors to your windows and doors for maximum strength.

The NGS Difference

When NGS started back in 2009, we saw a gap in the knowledge of window film and the reliability and responsiveness needed to complete projects on time, in scope, and on budget. Ever since, we have been dedicated to providing the professional assistance our customers need to make their buildings more energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and secure.

Our team is here to help with on-site estimates and attention to detail for the best possible results. Having applied film at over 80 school districts in the past 18 months, we understand the growing demand for energy-efficient, site-secure window film services today.

The Building Efficiency Podcast

Learn more about how solar window film, dual-function Solar/Security window film, Tri-Shield and Riot Glass can improve building energy efficiency, and our proactive industry approach by tuning in to the Building Efficiency Podcast for an episode with NGS’ Managing Partner, James Beale.


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