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Riot Glass®: How Strong Is It?

By July 1, 2022August 4th, 2022Riot Glass, Safety & Security Films
NGS Films and Graphics make your building riot proof

Prepare yourself for some serious entertainment. We have videos! Riot Glass® Armorplast™ is a beast in the safety window film and security systems industry. We were honored to be a part of introducing it to the public in 2016. Now they have produced a new Riot Glass II product that is stronger than the first. Are you ready to find out just how strong it is? Let’s go!

Think bomb blasts and intense weaponry. Ok, you are halfway there. The first thing you should know is Riot Glass has an aluminum framing system that wraps your already existing glass in a protective fortification like no other. It makes it thrice as difficult to break through, and almost impossible.

How strong is Riot Glass?

Riot Glass has been put through intense scrutiny. Field tests include large missile impacts, bomb blasts, gunshots, and more. The video below shows you the extent of the large missile tests and Riot Glass’ ability to withstand immense pressure and impact. Even if the glass within the framing system is shattered, the system remains intact to prevent entry or spall.


The entire framework and layers of window film, as well as adhesive, pack a powerful punch. The genius of the security system is that the frame itself allows for a certain level of “give” that holds the glass within together, even if broken. If someone uses a sledgehammer in an attempted breach, that frame and extra layer of security film afford enough defense for the Riot Glass framing system to remain intact – with few exceptions. Moreover, even if the glass is damaged within the frame, the frame will typically remain together, and entry prevented.

Gunshot testing

As schools and government agencies are being targeted more and more by mass shooters, being able to prevent entry into these buildings equates to saving lives. Whereas certain gunshots can penetrate the Riot Glass security system, breaching the building is an entirely different story. The below video depicts gunshots, steel blunt objects, and more – with no entry.


How effective Riot Glass Armorplast is has everything to do with its unique framing system. It is a seamless retrofit for already existing glass windows and doors. Popular for storefronts, this product helps prevent theft and damage done to interiors or persons from spall. Consequently, this can save hundreds of thousands in insurance premiums and lawsuits over time.

Defend Your Glass With Riot Glass

Ultimately, Riot Glass Armorplast is designed to withstand prolonged attacks with heavy tools. As depicted in the videos shown here, this security system does a phenomenal job. The reinforcement it provides for a building or storefront can prevent entry, theft, and additional property damage to businesses. To date, there isn’t anything comparable on the market.

It is the security framing system that makes Riot Glass such a powerhouse product. When you combine that with premier 3M™ Security Film you have a recipe for victory. And we prefer success at NGS.

So, is your mind blown? We know how you feel. Riot Glass Armorplast is an amazingly strong product. We are thoroughly impressed and proud to recommend it to our clients. If you want to learn more about Riot Glass register for our upcoming “Never Board Up Again” webinar.

Defend Your Glass
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