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Once upon a time, there was a storefront. It was a pleasant enough storefront, well-shaded, with a bell on the door handle and a welcoming open sign positioned for all the passersby to see.

There was even a sandwich board set up on the sidewalk in front of the store, announcing gluten-free focaccias, superfood smoothies, and fair-trade espresso in persimmon, chartreuse, and raspberry-colored chalks. 

The cafe behind the storefront was filled with hope and good intentions. Good food, better coffee, and a crew of dedicated staff who were trying their best to make a go of their little business. 

But it was not to be.

You see, despite their best efforts—and COVID—a well-made cappuccino and whole roasted turkey on multigrain was not enough to keep Sips Cafe open one more day. 

Could mere graphics have changed their fate?

Much more than wallpaper

The graphics game has changed considerably in the past decade, with measurable results. And even in a pandemic-strafed nation, businesses, proprietors, and building owners are finding ways to enhance their aesthetic, brand their business, and generate foot traffic with printed graphics.

Today, branded graphics come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and functions. There are graphics for brick, graphics for drywall, graphics for metal surfaces, floor graphics, window treatments, graphics to barricade, graphics to block out, and a menu of wraps that rivals even the most well-stocked sandwich shop.

And don’t forget the floor graphics. Oh, yeah…we’re going there.

Contemporary designers, architects, and general contractors are grabbing hold of countless new types of printed graphics and using them in astonishingly creative ways—to great aesthetic effect, high functionality that suits their building, and resounding audience approval. 

Take, for instance, Tillys. This beacon of surf and skate culture has set the standard for “cool” since 1982, but when their flagship store’s interior decor started peeling they knew they needed a long-term, high-quality solution. Tillys understood that quality of a brand or product is reflected in their stores appearance and nothing less than the best would do. 

The solution? After speaking with Tillys and learning about their issues with peeling and degrading decorating materials, NGS suggested TexWalk textured vinyl graphics to transform existing surfaces in just 3 short nights of work.  

And the results? Take it from Lauren Bryden, Tillys’ Manager of Maintenance and Special Projects, “The TexWalk is great. It’s been perfect,” Lauren said. “The store looks like it’s been remodeled… The feedback we’ve gotten from customers and staff is: ‘It’s so amazing… can we have more?’”

Limitless possibilities

The Tillys design case study is just one example of what can be accomplished through printed graphics. Custom, creative, capturing graphics can be embedded on any substrate—including brick, stucco, and cement.

Eye-catching printed graphics can also be applied to wall, windows, service counters, endcaps, doors, and yes, floors. The only limitation is your imagination.

To learn more about how NGS can revive your retail business, check out our retail services

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