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How to Create an Office Space Your Employees Want to Work In

By September 14, 2022October 14th, 2022Floor Graphics, Wall Wraps and Graphics, Window Film
Modern Office with happy employees

Neck deep in the Great Resignation, it would seem many employees have the upper hand. If they can’t work from home full-time, they prefer a hybrid situation that only requires a day or two a week in the office. In an effort to pull employees back into the workplace, employers are improving their office environments to make them more employee-friendly. One way to do this is with office window film.

Ultimately, happy employees equate to higher productivity. It’s a proven fact. So, in an effort to inspire creativity, employers are creating imaginative environments in the office. The latest trend in workplace redesign is branded graphics and custom-printed window film.

Branding Builds Company Identity

Branding is serious business. If you want to be considered reputable in any industry, you have to take branding into consideration. Consequently, business owners are creating a culture of community both within their office space, as well as outside of it.

Company colors, logos, or affirmations are used to add motivation to the walls or glass of work environments. These endeavors help to create an environment of unity and success that uplifts employees and generate a team environment.

By inventing a community within an office space, employers afford employees a place where they can produce their best work. That feeling of calm combined with progress affords everyone the opportunity to be their best selves and produce their greatest work.

Graphics Create Culture

Graphics are a great way to up your branding game. Retail stores have led the way in implementing a more interactive experience with these designs. As customers peruse the stores, they can find fun slogans on the walls or engaging directions on the floor to enhance their shopping experience.

Implementing graphics with inspirational quotes or mission statements has taken on a whole new dynamic as well. Suddenly, employees can read a burst of positivity on their way to the restroom. Offices feel less like a school or lockdown and more like an elevated, almost spa-like experience.

Custom printed window films Inspire Creativity

Custom printed window film may be one of the most fun options we offer at NGS. Clients get super-excited about creating their own designs, messages, or skylines with frosted window film. It has proven to be a game changer, and at times a lifesaver.

We had a client in Manhattan who had been given a stunning glass art piece by the family patriarch. It had been a staple of inspiration in the office for decades. When they got ready to change locations, they were disappointed to be informed that moving the glass piece could destroy it.

Unable to imagine the new location without this sentimental piece, they opted to recreate the piece on new glass with frosted window film. Whereas it wouldn’t be the same, it would still be a form of inspiration and a reminder of the heritage of the corporation/this family-owned business.

They were elated with the results and couldn’t believe how well it turned out. Moreover, the Overbrook Foundation would also have a digital copy of the entire art piece that they could use for logos or other promotional materials. The entire project was a success and allowed this organization to implement the graphic in other areas.

Glass with a custom frosted privacy film.

Decorative window film can achieve your aesthetic and improve appeal

Fasara™ is 3M’s latest line of decorative glass film. It was inspired by Japanese paper and nature. It’s stunning and can take an office environment from drab to chic, instantly.

This decorative window film comes in various options, from stripes and dots to fabrics or textures. It allows light through while providing an ambiance for your office that few workplaces can claim. Additional Fasara lines include nature scapes and damask, and more.  Glass conference room exteriors beg for this kind of artistry and provide a touch of unexpected luxury to your workspace.

Beauty makes people happy, and happy employees don’t leave

Your imagination is the only limit to what can be created in your office space. Make your office environment a place your employees want to be. Somewhere they look forward to being.

We all respond to more natural light and clean, open areas. When you add artistic elements and upbeat slogans you have a recipe for a positive workspace. Let us help create an office environment that will take your employees’ breath away – in a good way. We don’t want to choke them out like month-old salami in the kitchen fridge.

NGS has a reputation for a healthy workplace that retains employees for the long haul. Care to follow in our footsteps? We’ll show you the way to luxurious graphics and window film design. It’s what we do!

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