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Completing the Organizational Chart of a Construction Company

By January 31, 2014April 22nd, 2021Customers, General contractor, News
Sample Organization Chart

National Glazing Solutions LLC (N.G.S) is proud to announce continued investment in our energy solutions division with the hiring of Mark Carlson, CEM & Energy Solutions Engineering Manager.

Why has N.G.S. invested in the cost of bringing engineering and quality control resources in house that are typically available at no charge from product manufacturers?  Simply put, vertical integration improves communication among our technical and sales resources as well as between all our resources and our clients.  Our clients receive the very best engineering and quality control (as well as the best prices) when both engineering and sales are reporting up to the same management team.

At N.G.S., we value our manufacturing partners like 3M, Madico, Saint Gobain, & Eastman Chemical that are world-class product manufacturers.  However, when you consider the organizational complexity of the country’s largest construction contractors like N.G.S., the titles and geographies might change but they are similar in their core: Administration, Estimating, Operations, and Quality Control.  N.G.S. has brought Mark on board to benefit our nationwide customer base and continue to separate ourselves as the industry leader – provide benefits to our clients that are unique in our industry.

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