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Commercial Window Tinting for Buildings

By April 8, 2022April 14th, 2022Building Security, Energy Efficiency
Commercial Building with Window Tint on the glass

Is commercial window tint the same as window film? Yes. But the word tint implies darkening, which is a misnomer.  Many commercial window films are available in a clear option. Greater still, are the numerous opportunities therein.

Attributes of commercial window tint

There are three major attributes to adding commercial window tint to your building: security, energy efficiency, and privacy. Whether you are “thinking green” or prioritizing security, all of these requirements can be met with the right commercial window film.

Commercial buildings are often massive in scale and covered in windows. Whereas that glass is a benefit regarding complimentary lighting, those interiors must be cooled. Monies spent on air conditioning thousands of square feet, sometimes tens of thousands of square feet, could certainly be better spent elsewhere. You will be improving the environment. And your employee’s health and comfort level will be improved too. So – what are you waiting for?


With vandalism on the rise, security measures are taking precedence in business models. Commercial window tint is remarkable in its ability to delay, if not prevent entry, as well as protect glass. Furthermore, commercial window film can hold glass shards together if it has been shattered. This can protect individuals in the vicinity from being harmed. Whether protecting your property from vandalism, forced entry, or windstorms – it’s worth the investment to add to your windows and doors.

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Energy Efficiency

Reducing our carbon footprint has become more of a priority. But not everyone can afford to replace thousands of windows in their commercial building, particularly all at once. Nor should they, as that would create mounds of landfill waste, defeating the purpose. The commercial window tint option is becoming more and more attractive, and necessary.

Not only will commercial window film reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also protect the interiors of your property. Long-term UV exposure can wreak havoc on interiors. Furnishings are prone to fading and may need to be replaced, even when they are in otherwise good condition.

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There are many options for commercial window tint. A newly growing preference has a mirrored appearance and prevents outsiders from seeing in. This also helps reduce glare both inside and outside the building. Your employees can be more productive if they aren’t battling a glare on their computer screen. It turns out that those cool-looking reflective windows aren’t just for show.

Commercial Window Tinting

Tinting commercial buildings can be a daunting undertaking, particularly if you don’t have the experience. Commercial Buildings average 15,700 square feet. Less than half are 5,000 square feet or smaller. That’s an immense amount of glass. NGS averages 6,000 large installations annually. We also provide complimentary building security assessments and building modeling and energy engineering consultations for your building to best recommend the right commercial window film to fit your needs.

Want to learn more? Join an upcoming product demonstration to see commercial window tint in action! 

NGS Product Demonstration
Hosted by  James Beale
Join our 15-minute virtual product demonstration to learn how our products and services can help you make your buildings better. Plus, watch us put Riot Glass™ to the test with a sledgehammer!

Photo by Mike Hindle on Unsplash

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