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Three Reasons You Need 3M Window Security Film

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Most people would never leave their home and family vulnerable or unprotected. Even the idea of such a thing is absolutely absurd. However, many businesses, schools, and commercial building managers leave their goods and locations unprotected, which is equally absurd.

Of course, there may be a reason for this. Perhaps businesses or schools leave their locations vulnerable because they believe that great security will cost too much or take too much time to install.

Those worries may have been valid in the past, but with today’s modern 3M window security film solutions, businesses, schools, and government properties can finally keep their locations, schedules, and budgets secure.

The Commercial Window Film Advantage

Commercial security window film is a convenient, easy-to-install, and affordable solution that keeps your building, people, and property safe from many of today’s unwanted intrusions by providing a dual protective layer to harden your glass and reduce its likelihood of shattering when hit with a blunt instrument like a rock, brick, or bat.

Therefore, the #1 thing that security film does is help stop a would-be intruder from gaining access into a building, whether that’s for smash-and-grab theft or an active shooter scenario, by delaying the “smash” part of the crime. Though the film won’t resist attack forever, it should block a would-be intruder’s access to your business/school and property long enough for the police to arrive on the scene.

In fact, security window film is so effective that the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’s (SHAC) final report recommended window film as an effective measure to mitigate an active shooter’s entry into a school.

However, commercial window film does a lot more than block crime. Here are three more reasons why you should invest in 3M window security film:

  1. Cost

Not only is window film an effective school security feature that’s fast and inexpensive to install, it also helps you avoid losses from burglary. Without window film, you’ll be responsible for any theft and physical damages that need fixing and businesses will experience loss of income from downtime. Plus, schools, businesses, and government buildings will also have to handle emergency, overnight guard services, which can add up while you’re waiting on glass replacement. Security film reduces costs by minimizing downtime as well as the need for emergency services.

  1. Safety

Glass can be very dangerous. Flying glass is always incredibly dangerous. Since the world and its inhabitants are unpredictable and you can never foresee the events that lead to flying bits of glass, you can trust in 3M window security film to mitigate the hazards of flying glass or glass spall brought about by natural or human causes in any type of building.

  1. Asset Protection

We mentioned above how commercial window film protects your school/business or property by limiting a would-be intruder’s access to your building. In addition, 3M window security film can also extend the life of your merchandise or assets by significantly reducing the harmful UV rays that are the main cause of fading. That’s double protection for your property.

Ensure Your Building’s Safety with the Security Film Experts

As you’ve seen, commercial window film has many advantages to offer schools, businesses, commercial property managers, and government buildings. However, in order to capitalize on these advantages, your security film must be installed properly by professionals who know what they’re doing.

The experts at NGS can work with you to figure out which security film will be most effective for your specific circumstances, and then they’ll work around your hectic schedule to complete the job and install the film properly, on schedule and on budget.


Learn more about your security film options when you contact the professionals at NGS.

5 Unexpected Recurring Benefits of Window Film

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We all know that window film reduces heat and glare, and also saves significantly on HVAC costs, but what most people don’t realize is that window film provides a wide range of benefits to businesses and their buildings.

In no particular order, here are just five of the benefits that we came up with.

  1. Lowered Inventory Replacement Costs

You’ve seen those companies that have unsightly, cracked, faded, and worn-out merchandise on display. And you don’t want to be one of them. That’s why you rotate your stock, cover your display windows, and replace inventory. Often.

Inventory replacement costs add up, especially for your stores in sunshiny states like Arizona and California, so you’ll be relieved to hear that solar window film blocks nearly 100% of UV rays from getting inside your store and harming your merchandise.

  1. Improved Health

We’ve all heard the advice from the Skin Cancer Foundation: wear sunscreen even on cloudy days, and reapply your sunscreen every few hours. But no one thinks to wear sunscreen indoors near a window, which is why the Skin Cancer Foundation also recommends using solar window film for your building.

Window film doesn’t have to be tinted to protect your—and your employees’—health. In fact, crystal clear films keep your building looking attractive and provide necessary UV protection to keep everyone safe.

  1. Increased Employee Productivity

This time of year can be very difficult for employees because the shorter days mean that they come to work in the dark, and they leave in the dark too. Studies prove that employees work better with natural light than with artificial light (and artificial light costs a lot too), so maximizing the little sunlight we have at this time of year is a good idea.

With Daylight Redirection Film, a high-tech type of window film manufactured with micro-planes like tiny prisms inside it, light will be redirected away from the floor and towards the ceiling. This extends light further into the room to keep natural light on your employees for more of their day.

  1. More Attention on Your Building

There’s nothing that says “out of date” like bronzed window film, and there’s nothing that says “low cost” like a facade filled with thousands of unsightly and crooked venetian blinds. Studies show that people really dislike ugly, boring structures, so updating your building with window film is sure to get you more positive attention.

In addition to the typical mirrored films building managers often use to modernize their windows, there are also video projection films, smart glass installations that change from frosted to clear at the tap of your smartphone screen, and anti-graffiti films that make it easy to keep all your glass beautiful at all times.

  1. Better Warmth

People often think of window films as a heat-reduction measure, but they don’t often realize that effective film can keep cold air out too!

Like a cozy, clear sweater for your windows, Low Emissivity films (called “Low E” for short) insulate your windows year round, keeping your building occupants comfortable and reducing wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems. These next generation Low E films can stop up to as much as 42% heat loss associated with the glazing.

What Does Your Building Need?

Remember, this is only a short list out of the many cost-saving improvements that window film brings to your building. Your company will probably experience even more benefits than this.

With installation from NGS Films and Graphics that works around your schedule, there’s no reason you should deny yourself the pleasure that window film can bring to your organization. This year, it’s time to give yourself the gift that keeps on giving for years to come: window film.


Contact NGS at (866) 925-2083 to discover the wide range of solutions and benefits available to you.

Retail Security

Retail Security – How to Improve Loss Prevention to Increase Profits

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As if the increased rates of inventory shrinkage weren’t bad enough, retail burglary is on the rise too – and retailers are suffering the impact on their bottom line. Not only do those emergency overnight glass repair fees and security fees add up after a crime, burglary can also result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profits. Even worse, the perpetrators are rarely caught; retail burglary has the lowest arrest rate of all serious crimes reported to the FBI annually.

Since you can’t catch them and it costs a lot to clean up after them, the best way to deal with retail thieves is to prevent their access to your business. The easiest ways to do this are with physical security measures such as security screens and grating, bollards, increased lighting, video surveillance, and strengthening the glass at your location.

Let’s talk about your glass strengthening options.  

Security Films

For retailers looking to shore up their security by slowing down thieves, the clear solution lies in glass security film. This cost-effective measure can be applied and anchored to the inside and outside of your vulnerable glass doors and windows.

By essentially sticking the window together, security film resists shattering and prevents criminals from coming inside your store. Though window film will eventually fail in response to repeated attacks, it slows down thieves enough that they may get nervous and leave or they may still be trying to break into your store when police arrive on the scene a few minutes later.

One of the market-leading solutions for security film is TRI-SHIELD, which meets ASTM F1233 Level 1.0 anti-intrusion tests to resist attacks from low-powered weapons such as rocks, bricks, and hammers. This triple-layered defense system uses an advanced design to anchor securely to your glass and frames, so you can increase security in your store.

“Bulletproof” or Ballistic Glass Polycarbonate

Establishments requiring more protection, such as banks, government buildings, and retail locations looking to minimize smash-and-grab damage may want to consider “bulletproof” glass solutions. Here’s a quick tip though: official Burglar Resistant Glazing Material isn’t really glass at all, it’s actually acrylic or polycarbonate, sometimes layered with glass, that protects against storms, bomb blasts, car crashes, hammers, flame, and both low- and high-powered weapons.

Though these plastics can’t really stop bullets (nothing can), they do resist shattering when pierced by a bullet, meaning that a criminal must shoot the glass quite a few times before he or she can gain access to the building. Effective “bulletproof” glass is classified as UL 972, and is then further categorized by levels based on how thick the glass is and how many bullets, of which caliber, it can withstand before shattering.

When considering bullet-resistant solutions, you should know that acrylic is more affordable, but polycarbonate is more impact resistant. Polycarbonate holds up better to high-powered weapons and, though it can be pricey, may make you eligible for significant discounts from your insurer once you install it.

But “bulletproof” glass isn’t without its challenges. Many of the mounting systems for these materials require hard-to-remove glue and ugly, bolted-on mounting systems – and the glass itself isn’t breathable, so your attractive clear windows are likely to become an icky, fogged-up mess from condensation. However, there is a solution.

All-new Invisicade, from NGS Films and Graphics, is an innovative, nearly invisible rail system that’s vented to maintain airflow and eliminate condensation, and that keeps your windows looking lovely as you increase your storefront protection. In addition, because it’s glue-free, Invisicade makes it easy to replace your polycarbonate panels if they become damaged or marred. For busy retailers, no-hassle security is always a great idea.

Don’t Forget About Vandalism

Loss can be anything that impacts your bottom dollar, which means that part of counteracting loss at your location can come from minimizing vandalism damage so you can keep your storefront looking great.

Flexible, low-cost solutions such as anti-graffiti film help protect your building from the long-term damage that results from etching, scratches, or tagging. The film helps protect your storefronts by providing an invisible layer that can be peeled off to easily remove unsightly vandalism. That’s right, no buffing or polishing should be required, which means your storefront can get back to looking good as new in mere minutes.

Preventing Loss Requires Staying a Step Ahead of Thieves

If you’re ready to fight against loss at your retail or commercial location, you’ll need to keep thinking and keep protecting your vulnerable glass from becoming a target for burglars.

Though organized retail crime (ORC) rates have been steadily increasing since 2015, ORC perpetrators still only comprise a small percentage of the total burglaries your business will experience. Most thieves are simply opportunists. And, according to the FBI, once a store has become the victim of theft, it’s likely to become a repeat victim.

Don’t give criminals the opportunity to break into your store even once. Consider moving valuables out of sight to the rear of your store, train your employees to follow highly secure closing procedures, and collaborate with other retailers near you to address crime concerns head on. With more of the good guys working together, we can all prevent retail losses.


Learn more about the security films and barricades developed by industry-leading window film experts, NGS Films and Graphics. Contact glazing security expert James Beale for more information on how you can prevent retail burglaries.

5 Practical Tips for Commercial Building Security

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If you’ve looked into commercial building security on the Internet, you’ve probably noticed that most of the advice out there assumes your building is a high target area for terrorists. Their advice is a bit… scary.

We’re not here to worry you; we’re here to help. Check out this list for practical, real-world tips that show you how to mitigate common security risks in your commercial building.

  1. Stroll Around Your Neighborhood

Your first step is to put on your sneakers and walk through your neighborhood to get a clear picture of your current local security standing. As you’re walking, take notes on creepy dark alleys, empty lots, abandoned buildings, or obscured streetlamps. Also keep an eye out for nearby federal buildings that could become terrorist targets.

Expert tip: As you’re looking over your area, take a glance at your neighbors’ security measures. If they all have bars or security gates, these deterrents won’t stand out if you use them. If their buildings have streamlined, invisible security measures, you’ll want to follow suit. 

  1. Look Over Your “Standoff Perimeter”

The area between your building and nearby vehicles, the standoff perimeter, can be small, especially along streets in urban areas. Depending on nearby traffic lights and parking situations, cars could jump the curb and smash into your building.

Expert tip: High impact solutions such as extra-thick polycarbonate can create a seamless barrier that helps protect your building from accident-prone cars outside, but it may be expensive to install. A more affordable solution could be to slow traffic with bollards, heavy planters, or bolted-down benches on the sidewalk out front.

  1. Investigate Your Building Envelope

The exterior of your building, called the envelope, is your most important security protection point. Simply put: if thieves or flying debris can’t breach your building envelope, your building’s occupants and their possessions will stay secure. Fortify your glazing, your façade, and your HVAC vent systems to create a strong barrier.

Expert tip: The envelope of your building defines your building’s aesthetic and it also psychologically provides cues that improve tenant and guest comfort. It’s hard to have a sleek, modern, reassuring building if you have to bolt ugly security panels onto the exterior. Invisible security barriers, such as theft-resistant, field-proven TRI-SHIELD security window film or impact- and theft-resistant Invisicade, help your building stay appealing, attractive, and secure.

  1. Assess Your Management and Operations

Your building management procedures will determine your tenants’ safety in case of an emergency. Make sure evacuation routes are clear and well-marked with bright signage, utilize daylighting in key areas to provide light during power loss, and install blast-resistant glazing or films that limit airborne glass shards from hurricanes or tornado impact.

Expert tip: Security solutions can sometimes get in the way during an emergency situation. Invisibly installed impact barriers or security films offer a clear line of sight for surveillance systems, and they can minimize or prevent glass shatter entirely.

  1. Keep Your Budget in Mind

As you consider your security solutions, remember that physical improvements last a long time and that you don’t always need the most expensive solution. Today’s best security film and impact barrier installers offer long-term warranties of a decade or more for many of their products, but your ROI doesn’t have to stop there. Window films can also reduce your long-term energy costs and cut down on your graffiti-cleaning costs.

Expert tip: Plan for reduced security maintenance charges in the long run. If you need to replace a damaged security feature, it shouldn’t cut into your bottom line too deeply. The right security solutions will not only prevent crimes, they’ll also save you from emergency overnight glass-repair fees and security guard payments during repair time.

It’s Time to Safeguard Your Investment

Commercial building security doesn’t have any one-size-fits-all solutions. Determine your specific needs by evaluating your surroundings, assessing your likelihood of experiencing various environmental and societal risks, and then calculating the costs to mitigate each risk in a variety of ways. Your building investment is worth the work.

If you’d like some help figuring out secure glazing solutions for your commercial building, contact glazing security expert James Beale for advice

TRI-SHIELD security solutions

NGS installs 3M security film for an international developer’s marquis property in Atlanta

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NGS installs 3M security film for an international developer’s marquis property in Atlanta

So who’s the developer, and what’s the property? We’d tell you, but we’d have to kill you. As a leader in the commercial window film industry, NGS takes security seriously.

According to the latest crime reporting available from the FBI, more than two million burglaries took place in homes and offices in 2009, costing nearly five billion dollars in lost property. Sixty percent of the burglaries in 2009 involved forcible entry. Between the year 2000 and 2009, burglaries increased more than seven percent.

According to James Beale, managing partner and vice president of sales for NGS, “Smash-and-grabs are of increasing concern among our clients across the U.S., and not just in major cities. We’re working with businesses of every size on solutions.”

The recently completed Atlanta security installation is 22,000 square feet, and the scopes include a custom integration of 3M SH14 interior security film and 3M IPA/ Impact Protection Adhesive wet glaze attachment, plus 3M 7mil exterior security film for force entry protection. Strong, micro-layered safety and security window films from 3M are designed to hold glass together in the event of a break, while allowing natural light to pass through and maintaining the appearance of an office. An added bonus is energy conservation and lower energy bills.

“Security considerations should really be a component of any commercial window film solution,” Beale said. “It’s like the insurance you’d get for your car and your home as a matter of course. A little forethought and a small investment in window ‘insurance’ can save untold expenses should there be a break-in.”

NGS is currenlty working with property managers and retailer around the US to install proven forced entry protection systems like TRI-SHIELD.

Stay up to date on NGS projects, emerging trends and leading-edge applications on social media.

3M scotchshield

Hardening the Target

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“Response time solutions” refer to activities working toward solutions at active shooting or terror situations, generally within schools or public places. Only so much can be done in the interim and during the conflict. Response times can “maybe” be shortened, potential victims be armed or made able to defend themselves, better potential criminal or shooter identification methods can be taught, OR the target can be hardened. At National Glazing Solutions, we understand the value of hardening the target with safety film on all windows and doors and walls/roofs with glass.

Police Magazine’s 10/16/2013 article, “Quicker Response To Active Shooters,” demonstrates the limitations involved in the first three potential solutions mentioned above, and actually lists “hardening the target” first – presumably as a measure to buy the potential victims time and safety.

Safety film is a common sense approach to building safety. It is not bulletproof, but it does, when applied properly, keep glazing from becoming fragmented and falling out of the frame thereby providing a legitimate safety shield when located between a shooter /or terrorist(s) and innocent people. It is the ideal method of helping to harden the target. National Glazing Solutions specializes in safety film, and in helping to increase security and safety in public buildings, especially school structures.

Think about it. Not all that much can be done anytime soon to improve officer response, identify future bad guys, or in the way of arming people within the school, but adding a layer of protection via safety film not only buys time but provides ongoing safety when the bad guy is separated from victims by it.3M, Madico, Solar Gard or TRI-SHIELD Safety film can potentially save lives; and, provides the additional bonus of also protecting against severe weather or careless actions of individuals.

Keep in mind that when responders and law enforcement arrive, the situation remains active for a length of time; rarely are there quick fixes to quell the scene immediately – the victims still need protection! Window film solutions are indeed great solutions for  a variety of physical and personal safety concerns. In this day and age, people in groups certainly need to be protected from their environment and surroundings as much as possible.

National Glazing Solutions is the industry leader in safety film and security innovation for structures of all types. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions. Security [ at]

sandy hook advisory Commission final report

A.L.I.C.E. Program for School Safety & Window Films

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A.L.I.C.E. School Safety Program & 3 Pillars of School Safety

The ALICE School Safety Program (Alert-Lockdown-Inform-Counter-Evacuate) is popular and well-known amongst school safety resource officers. We at National Glazing Solutions have been particularly active with the program and have even made presentations at seminars examining hardening physical buildings with film and how that relates to the ALICE School Safety Program

Windows Amid The ALICE School Safety Program

Interestingly enough, windows play a crucial role in the ALICE system. How? During the lockdown stage, potential student-victims and school employees are isolated in various sections/places with the intent of keeping them safe and separated from the intruder(s) or active shooters or other threats. Safety film coated windows are a great shield or barrier between the shooter/intruder and then innocent victims. (Regular windows are little or no protection at all.) The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission reported in its final report that Window Film was a recommended upgrade to exterior windows. SANDY HOOK ADVISORY COMMISSION FINAL REPORT

Windows are the “Achilles heel” and typical point of entry for an intruder or active shooter and thus critical that they be evaluated as part of the overall building hardening. Unfortunately, school shootings seem to have become a regular part of our lives in recent years, and all available safety precautions must be analyzed for employment.

Three Pillars of School Safety (Open Loop Method)

By the same token, school safety can be thought of in another way, as a 3-Pillar School Safety Plan (Open Loop). This safety method or philosophy involves Safe Facilities, School Disaster Management, and Risk Reduction and Resilience Education.

It doesn’t take a PH.D to realize that in the 3-Pillar Approach, safety film windows are a tremendous asset. Safety film windows certainly make the facility safer, aid in disaster management by increasing options, and assist in reducing risk and increasing resilience.

School Safety Solution

At National Glazing Solutions we strive to make schools and other public buildings as safe as possible with our safety solutions directed at and for potential criminal activity and severe weather. We want to help you, your school, business, or organization to be a safer place for patrons, employees, and students & teachers… Contact us for more information at SECURITY (at) click soon!

TRI-SHIELD Video series

TRI-SHIELD (security film) installation and performance video series published

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NGS launches a 2 part video series designed to educate & demonstrate safety & security film application, TRI-SHIELD, along with wetglaze and Z profile attachment system from Madico Inc.  The first video is the demonstration video which discusses the application and test specimens that the forced entry simulation will be performed on. This video titled “Safety Window Film Forced Entry Education & Demonstration” delivers a comprehensive and transparent explanation of forced entry applications with a focus on TRI-SHIELD in order to  educate design/ construction and commercial property professionals about safety & security film applications for forced entry protection.

The next video in the series titled “Safety-Security film & Attachment System Installation Tutorial” reviews the tools, techniques and products necessary to properly install heavy gauge security films and attachment systems. The video is the first in a planned series to build a safety film certification program for TRI-SHIELD & heavy gauge film installations to establish a much needed standard in a fragmented industry.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next video & blog updates from the pros at National Glazing Solutions LLC

National Glazing Solutions Awarded GSA Contract

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Sometimes we do not equate the government with efficiency, but the GSA (General Services Administration) of the Federal Government has been working to change that perception. The GSA is the premier acquisition tool of the United States Government, and its recent agreement with National Glazing Solutions demonstrates its commitment to efficiency and effective budgeting.

GSA & National Glazing Team-up

The GSA and National Glazing Solutions have entered into a win-win situation. How? National Glazing is the number 1 tint/window film company in America, handling 3M window tint, solar window film, safety & security window tint, energy efficient films/tints, custom printed glass films, and numerous other safety and security-oriented products. GSA has tapped-into their quality products/services at a great rate. But, GSA also does this with respect to other industries. Everybody wins.

GSA Schedules Assist Vendors & Small Businesses/Large Businesses

The GSA not only purchases the best products and services at great prices, but they are committed to assisting vendors and businesses (large companies and especially small businesses) with succeeding amid the government marketplace.

GSA Schedules are fast, easy, and effective contracting vehicles. The agency provides long-term contracts with companies to provide millions of items to governmental agencies at discount costs ($50 billion/year/10% of all Federal Government procurement).

Vendor Participation With GSA

Vendors wanting to be successful under the GSA Schedules Program need to take the proper steps to be productive in a competitive environment. The vendor’s time and financial investment are initially high (as is GSA’s investment in firms), but the sales quantity, distribution mechanism, and prestige are well-worth the efforts.

It is a matter of careful planning, accurate analysis, and proactive implementation to be a successful GSA contract holder under the GSA Schedules Program. Like National Glazing Solutions, it may well be that your organization can do business with the General Services Administration. Keep in mind that 80% of GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractors are small businesses (representing 36% of sales).

The GSA constantly updates its offerings. One of National Glazing Solutions core growth strategies is to increase business by selling 3M window tint, Solar Gard, Madico safety shields, Blast mitigation films, and other items by working with the administration. Government contracting officers buy direct today from NGS through GSA advantage NGS GSA contract# GS-07F-152CA

NGS named Panorama dealer of the year

NGS Named Dealer of The Year

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We’re very proud to announce that National Glazing Solutions, LLC has been recognized as Solar Gard’sPanorama Dealer of the Year 2014’ at the 9th Annual Panorama Dealers Meeting. The event took place last month from February 19th to 21st and was attended by James Beale, Managing Partner and Vice President of Sales, and Patrick Coyle, Managing Partner and Vice President of Operations.

Since 2009, NGS has been the national leader in solar, security and custom film applications. We were recognized as the #1 Commercial Window Film Company in the USA in the September 2013 edition of the Window Film Magazine. With these recent honors we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our board, management team, staff, business partners, and others associated with NGS who have helped us achieve these accomplishments.

The Panorama Dealer Meeting

It’s always a tremendous opportunity for firms such as ours to be invited to such an event. The event took place in Hotel Valley Ho of Scottsdale, Arizona, which drew more than 150 attendees associated with the Panorama Dealer Program. Featuring a mid-century décor that was truly a spectacle for all to see, this annual meeting is always crucial in increasing end consumer value.

The construction and development sector has been performing steadily over the past two years, mostly due to the commitment and perseverance shown by the prominent players in the industry. The event featured six guest speakers along with multiple workshops, with the crowning jewel of the night being the 350th year anniversary of Saint-Gobain. Workshops and sessions were dedicated to optimizing personal branding, reaching consumers online and offline, implementing new & upgraded selling technology, and marketing tactics to reach and sustain the end user market.

A Night Full of Stars

In addition to the speaker sessions and workshops, the meeting also focused on live academy training classes with certifications offered to dealers who are strategically positioned to market Solar Gard’s Ecolux™, a breakthrough in low emissivity energy window film technology for all season, yearlong energy conservation and comfort.

In an eccentric 1960s inspired night, the welcome cocktails started the proceedings for what was an educational, resourceful, and family friendly event. The group dinner featured family game activities where all the key players in the industry donned their 1960s attire to perfection.

As proud authorized Panorama dealers, NGS, along with other firms, was recognized for its business partnership and encouraged to offer best practices in business tools and resources. The award ceremony kicked off with David Capps of AAA Glass Tint, Inc. taking home the Outstanding Panorama Project – Commercial. Mike Shanahan of Armor Glass Tinting was presented with the Outstanding Panorama Business Growth after a strong year of sales and sustained consumer base.

As the night was about to approach its conclusion, James Beale and Patrick Coyle took the center stage to accept the “Panorama Dealer of the Year” award.. On behalf of the senior management at NGS, I would like to thank you all of the NGS team, affiliates and partners for making it possible, we look forward to continued success.